Thursday, 30 September 2010

digital re-vamp?

When I visit a blog, if the first thing I see is paragraphs of writing, a bell in the back of my mind chimes to immediately navigate away. Successful blogs ooze with pictures, they're essential for the reader to capture the essence of what the blogger is talking about, not to mention making posts look more interesting and my blog definitely lacks ALOT of visual aids - it's obvious. Lately I've been thinking of taking a more digital approach to blogging, taking my camera around with me a lot more, and doing an outfit diary maybe. Although I vowed not to use digital cameras, I'm going to don one for blog purposes only. Starting next week at some point, I'm going to start snapping and uploading, after all, what's the point in blogging about outfits with no photographical evidence?

I'm so 21st century.

P & L


  1. i'd definitely love to see your outfit diary, but don't stop writing! the thing that caught my eye about your blog was your writing style.

    I'm a Voodler :D come look at my blog and follow back if you like it!


  2. awwwh thankyou!
    very sweet <3

    following you :D



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