Friday, 10 September 2010

just something a fellow blogger/friend posted which I kind of liked


As a young child, you own a multi-coloured jumper; the finest yarn, woven by the hands of your Parent's themselves. You wear it everyday; it is as much a part of you as your hands and feet. Of course, you grow, but the jumper still fits; the colours seem more intense, and it never goes out of fashion. Then, seemingly overnight, the jumper begins to fray, and a lose piece of fabric sticks out as if a question begging to be answered. You pull, and it begins to unravel. You pull again, and the feeling becomes addictive. The colours, now seperated, lose their intensity. But you keep on pulling until all that remains is a pile of material that no longer resembles a jumper. You pulled, and how you'll wish you hadn't." -Raven Hansman

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