Tuesday, 28 September 2010

shampoo can be quite cheap, you know?

i'm almost officially a forensic student at NEWI, i like the idea and the plan of the course, but the other students however, definitely need 'Goking'. walking into the class room on induction, was like walking into an open audition for The Hills Have Eyes, i don't mean to sound horrible but would it have killed them to wash their hair or thrown on a decent pair of jeans? geez. anyway, above is what i wore (take into account the fact i had thirty minutes to get ready).

...and i need to go shopping *ahem* shoreditch *ahem*.

P & L


  1. I'm obsessed with the jazz sneakers and the polka dot trainers...mmm. cool collage.

    ps. sorry for snooping but I saw your comment on bimbobeautiful's blog...just curious, what job did you interview for that they asked you if you had a blog?


  2. it was only for a marketing company in chester after i finished my business marketing degree back in july, i didn't have a blog at the time though so that's why i started this one!
    i think it's quite a good idea though and maybe more employers should ask, especially for fashion jobs if you have a fashion blog aha. <3


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