Tuesday, 12 April 2011

we are young, we run free



bralette - topshop
culottes - dorothy perkins

I apologise for the terrible lighting and stupid poses, i still haven't gotten the hang of taking my photo yet, but don't think i pose this twattish "coz i thnk i iz lyk well fit bbz" it was by accident. Anyway quickie outfit post today, although i didn't actually wear this today, i wore it the friday just gone (when it was ridiculously hot) to drive down to london. My almost better half was moving back to wallasey after a decent shot at big city life, lasting about eight months, and i was helping his arse move all of his stuff back. When i arrived in our capital after a rough as hell drive, jack didn't really get the whole 'underwear as outerwear' thing, which lead to a resounding "i can't believe you're just wearing a bra, why are you just wearing a bra?" (i tried explaining it was a bralette many-a-times, but to no avail) further discrediting his opinion on women's fashion (lu really, jack). I didn't just wear this by the wizzle, i wore a denim jacket over it, through sheer terror that one of the twins would try and make a guest appearance. 

So, do you like? Or do you think that 'underwear as outerwear' should be reserved for the lesser endowed and skinnier? tweet me or formspring me.

love and jazz

Thursday, 7 April 2011

*waves frantically*

I'm back you bunch of love muffins. In my last post i mentioned about some woman deciding she was too cool to stop at a junction and leaving me with serious head injuries, i took a break from blogging because i felt constantly hung over for the week following it and totally uninspired, i'd rather not blog atall than do half-arsed posts. Last night however, my inspiration returned, in the form of painting my costume jewellery with nailvarnish. Yes, you read right, i had tons of jewellery i'd bought in the winter which needed 'summering' up. Thought i'd share, after all, sharing is caring.

my black ring (cue jack sniggering)



tacky red and gold heart

I didn't anticipate putting this on voodle so i didn't take a before photo, but i bought it a while ago for a quid in primark and wore it backwards so just the plain gold side was showing, it did the job. Here's the bastard after i painted it:

So there you have my DIY tip, if you don't like the colour of something, use nail varnish to change that! There's probably uber creatives out there that know a better way to do that jazz, but i was bored and have a million nail varnishes et voila, i'm a modern day picasso (LIE).

Also, if you have any questions or anything, just pop on over to my formspring or tweet me.

Good to be back