Thursday, 16 September 2010

i heart leather

The original draft for this blog entry was written before i got the fantastic, yet purse crushing news, about the finalisation of my tenancy agreement over in the city that doesn't sleep. i've been traipsing around chester today, receiving cruel taunts from shops i'd usually run towards, because instead 512 smackers of my fabric funds (ahem, i mean "student loan") are going towards my deposit at the end of october. this has seriously compromised my shoreditch plans, my typical 'drunk by 12pm' student attitude and restricted the amount of times i can go troddling off to London. however, when i'm living the dream in the big apple, all the sacrifices i'll soon have to make will be worth it right? still, can't hurt to look, so here's the blog, with a few adjustments...

I'm busting out my leather jacket, scoping for a leather skirt and donning a leather LBD this friday. i'm thinking leather is going to be the look for winter, and since the majority of attendees at NYFW were draped in black, i'm guessing this season, black is the new black. here are a few things i have got my eye on/drooled over:-

love. love. love these leather black minis, i may be able to afford one of these thigh grazing bad boys once i have money. cannot afford.

My heart actually skips a beat when i see these gorgeous leather pin covers, it's just a matter of time until maybe they can cover mine - glory but they are unaffordable right now, as i have other financial priorities. *sobs*

Now here's one of my favourite fashionistas, Alexa Chung, looking super stunning in a three quarter length leather jacket. now i already have a leather jacket (who hasn't?), but one more can't hurt right? My current one isn't as 'vintage' looking as I'd like either and that one will suffice for now, no need for leather greed.

Although the eyelashes on this photo, freak the shit out of me, j 'adore the elbow length leather gloves. although there is always love, for the leather glove, there always seems to be a different style of leather glove around every winter. i bought a pair last year, yet they they met their maker this summer, when i gave most of my winter garms to red cross (blatant bragging). this winter, if i find the right pair of elbow length leathers, i'm diving in, fingers first i'm going to have to fight temptation and put the saved pennies in my NY fund.

Once again, and i'll keep saying it, hurry up student loan day!
Must...     be...      strong.

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