Thursday, 23 December 2010

push my button

Hello chums! Just a quicky post. Pretty much everyone has noticed that i've, to quote Sarah, "New York'd" my header. So i thought a few more buttons for you charming lot wouldn't hurt, give you a few choices, boy i'm feeling festive and generous.





So there you are, take them if you like, and be sure to tell me and i shall mention your name in my next post. I got a really sweet private e-mail from Jennie the other day, telling me that she loved my blog. It really made me smile and say "n'awwhh", what a sweetie, thanks for that AND for putting my button on your blog.

Oh, and while i'm here, blogging, i'd like to say:

Gem is one hot chickie who runs From Gem With Love, she's been ill lately (literally ill, not in the rapper 'cool' sense), and i've missed her blogs.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

thoughts arrive like butterflies

I said in my last post i'd plead my case as to why i've been on the side of the blogging milk carton for a whole week. Along with pretty much everyone, apart from the organised beings, i've been sliding inbetween shops so fast i've been pretty much a blur. I'm totally a last minute person, those of you who follow me on twitter will know this from times i've tweeted through the night because i had work in the next morning which i hadn't started - as i learnt in psyc class i'm a person who needs "the fear" to be motivated.

Anyhoo, while shopping for loved ones i couldn't help but snap up a few things for myself every now and again, it'd be rude to see a nice dress and not buy it, not allowing it to fulfill it's dressy destiny.

ASOS peter-pan collar ruffle dress

ASOS is a massive weakness of mine, combined with the fact they have tons of flash sales during the holidays which they e-mail me about, means it's beginning to look a lot like ASOS. "Emma, we're having a flash sale today from 12-2 - 50% off!" was received by moi at 1.30pm, i was like the speedy gonzales clicker of t'internet, i ended up bagging these peter-pan collared beauties for twenty-seven pound total. Thirty squidders each (now £18), plus fifty percent off, plus my NUS extra discount; I just had to get it in both colours.


No links because they're out of stock online but there are tons in store, so hurry, put that crumpet down and get there.

I spent all frickin' day in chester on friday, there was bargs everywhere, but my favourite was the BOGOF in republic in which i got my sister a bag and claimed the free bag for myself because i iz cleverz init. The floral tote was £29.99, and i got the red one for free worth £26.99, ultimate bargain!  Also while i was in chester i managed to pick up everything i need for my blog giveaway, i'll post it in the new year though, after everyone has calmed down slash recovered.


Please excuse the cheese factor, mother duck wanted to give a few family pictures in frames out for christmas this year, so monday consisted of a quicky shoot in her max speilman branch followed by attempting ice skating and riding the chester wheel - we didn't get to do either because they were both closed due to the "dropping temperatures" - so we went on the merry-go-round instead. Super fun. If you'd like one of these pictures for your purse or fireplace, which i know you all probably do, please e-mail me at

It may not seem like enough to occupy me for a week, but it was all spread out, and inbetween i was catching up and making plans with chums for over the christmas period. So now i'm super prepared for christmabob, i got jack's present(s), mother duck's present (which she's already worn) and everyone else who i'm buying for's present, plus i'm booked solid until the 29th. Setback though, i have thirty whole pounds to my name which is to get me out on boxing day and the day after, plus funding a NYE in london with the better half (i'm totally better though).

You may have noticed my new header, what do you think? Prefer the pick'n'mix letters? Can you totally tell i made the 'Voodle' myself?

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

out on your corner in the pouring rain

First of all i would like to give you all this qwerty hug - o|-< - to apologise for the extreme abandonment on my part, you're all the prettiest most coolest people ever, you all rule and i drool. How's that? Excellent, moving on for now, i'll explain all in my next post which will probably be tomorrow if i don't go to the wetherspoon's christmas quiz. How cool am i?

Raw Edge Boutique went online on the 31st October, offering the fashionable population one of a kind garms, unavailable on the high street. Yes there are beautiful - but few - fabrical porn pieces, yes they're reasonable priced, yes their blog offers tons of show-biz goss and their take on future fashion trends. The only bad side? I want it all but my purse isn't as big as my wardrobe needs! I keep getting e-mailed about and discovering beautifully stocked websites, then i take one look at my online banking statement, then one look at my shopping basket and find myself making this noise; "ohhhhwwww". Anyway, as my bank account can never hold this blogger back from doing some good old hearty windows explorer shopping (i actually use safari but windows ties in better), i browsed the website and shallowly picked out the prettiest subjects. I somewhat apologise for doing this again, i know a lot of you slap my wrist for introducing you to new websites, teasing you with new perv-worthy subjects which make you cancel your life insurance to afford a floral number. 

Here are my picks:-
001. £25     |     002. £18     |     003. £18     |     004. £25     |
005. £10     |     006. £32     |     007. £12     |     008. £18     |
009. £25     |     010. £18     |     011. £20     |     012. £41     |
I do love these garms, but none of them were in my size, sooo devastated but maybe you lot can snatch them up before someone else does.

Anyway, sorry i haven't shown you what i got from H&M when i went to london yet, but i couldn't find any of the stuff i bought on t'internet so i'll just wait until i get my camera for christmas and photograph my lame self in them instead. Deal?

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

dreaming in your living room

I was tagged at the beginning of december by amaris of *Find Beauty In Everything. to answer the same fifteen questions she did, so here you go my pretties.

1. What is your dream job?
Gahhh, you must know by now, surely; I want to be a crime scene investigator; I study forensic science and crime scene investigation at university and i bloody love it. Be assured, if there is something sciencey on TV, my cheeks and the couch will be well and truly acquainted. Geek? I think so.

2. What is your favourite fragrance for winter?
I hate change. I find what works for me and i stick to it like hot jam. I've always used Very irresistible by Givenchy, literally, i've never strayed. But last christmas my mother duck bought me Lola by Marc Jacobs and it's fit, i've been converted, but i still mosey back to Very irresisteble in the winter because i've worn it for so long, it reminds me of a simpler time, which makes me feel all christmassy.

3. How do you take your tea/coffee?
Two words; gingerbread latte. Okay okay, i know that's a christmas thing, but my gosh it's like a hug for my tongue. Usually i take my coffee ridiculously strong, in a flask (i have to sip it piping hot), with no sugar and lots of milk. My tea? In a cutesy pants, familiar mug with hardly any milk and no sugar, i'm really weird when it comes to drinks.

4. What is your most important beauty secret?
I'm not so much with the beauty, i literally only started wearing makeup when i was nineteen, and i still don't really like wearing it now. I do believe that makeup should not be worn for bed, only if i'm too drunk to physically identify a face wipe will i break my rule, even then i feel guilty. I think it's because once i heard, i can't remember where, if you go to bed with your makeup on, it ages your skin by ten days, it maybe a wives tale but it freaks me out *shivers*

5. If you had an all-expenses paid vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Urrrrm, let me think about that, AS I TYPE NEW YORK. I would like to venture to Paris though, that was one of the only places i didn't go during my flail in Europe, we didn't really have the time or the money. Or maybe Australia, or no wait, Vegas! What can i say, i'm a total traveller, always will be and i'd love to wake up in a different place every morning. 

6. If a genie popped up in your lap right now and offered you three wishes, what would they be?
There are things i'd wish for that are totally unentertaining (one which is totally obvious, and you'll know if you know me, or you've read my blog for some time), which i shalln't bore you with, so i'll give you my three superficial wishes. 1) Infinite  money 2) To be very successful 3) To see the whole world.

7. If you could only have breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert foods for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
This is so hard. I really can't pick. Okay, dessert food, chocolate cake all the way.

8. If you were Hello Kitty, what colour hairbow would you wear?
I'm not into Hello Kitty, but my favourite colour is green, so i'll go with green.

9. What is your biggest make-up pet peeve?
Fake eyelashes. I know a lot of people wear them, but i actually can't stand them, i think they look awful. I mean if they were natural eyelashes, they'd be stunning, but whenever i see someone wearing them i can immediately tell and i just think "nice false eyelashes". And girls are just going too OTT with them, like feathers (what the fuck?) and coloured ones (green, what the fuck?), seriously then they moan about all of their natural ones have fallen out and they can't go au natural any more - NO SHIT - It's probably because you've been gluing bits of plastic to your eyelids.

10. If you could wear only one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My belly bar or my tongue bar, whenever i take them out i feel really weird, my tummy looks so strange and i have a lisp. It's not good.

11. What one talent do you wish you had?
I wish i could be 'arty'. I see all the time on the blogosphere, people who can photograph wonderfully (Gem, Dottie) or draw beautifully and some who make their own clothes. I wish i could do that.

12. Which product will you continue to purchase?
Rub Your Nose In It by Soap&Glory.

13. If you could look into the future, would you? And what would you want to know?
No, i like surprises. If i know my future is pretty shitty, then it'll ruin my life, whereas if i know my life is a success i wont have anything to wish for.

14. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Include pictures :)
Adam Brody. He's actually so fit i want to cry/sell my future children to sit on him. I know he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he's my cup, mug, flask, bucket, lake of tea. We'll be together one day, he'll find me, you'll see.

15. What made you start a blog?
I needed an outlet for my thoughts. 2010 had been a rough year and i'm not really one for talking about how i feel, so i guess voicing my feelings somewhat anonymously, really takes a load off. Plus i've made quite a few blog chums, who i'm really glad i've met, who i speak to on a daily basis and who make me smile all the time. Starting 'Voodle' is one of the best things i've ever done.

Here are five little beauties who i want to know more about:
Gorgeous red-head, Nadine, of Bimbobeautiful.
Burn the Blonde's mummy, Sarah, our little fittie.
London beauty, Purdey, of Kittenish Behaviour.
Gert lush Emily who gives us Pookie Loves...
A blogger bez, Gem, From Gem With Love.

If you want. No pressure. *glares*

P & L

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

below zero

Okay, i've been totally MIA this week due to the fact i was fannying around in our busy capital. This post; basically a catch up on recent events which have caused me to abandon all of your beautiful faces for far too long, don't slap my wrist too hard though, i bruise like a peach. 

My housemate from zante, zoe, whizzed all the way from humble bristol to gloriously spend the day with me in london (while jack was in work). Zoe's a planner, she literally had the whole day planned out to the minute, but i'm a plan ruiner so i dragged her back down to dawdle-ville safe and sound. Even though we went jet-setting in september we had so much to catch up on, including people watching, which is an art the zoester and i have perfected. We had hoped to be complete tourists, zoe whipping out her London A-Z at inappropriately located times, snapping pointless pics of ourselves next to monuments and even spoke in a made up language in public on several victorious occasions. How frickin' cool are we? Anyway; maddam tussauds plans got scrapped; chinese all-you-can-eat plans were tossed; london eye plans were positively discarded; but that did not make our rendezvous a failure.

le ice bar
For those of you who don't know or have never heard of what an ice bar is, it's basically a bar-like room where everything is made of ice, even the chairs and the glasses. This little event was aces, if not a little falsely publicised, a definite must-go-to. You're only allowed in for half an hour, and it's not like a normal bar, you have to book in advance and pay an entrance fee. It's definitely more of a tourist attraction than a bar that you could become a regular in, there is a bar attached with some rather tasty barmen, i could become a regular there but it's full of people just wanting a go in the icey add-on. The drinks were exceptionally cheap too, considering i paid a fiver for a glass of wine near victoria station the day before, a bottle of rosé wine there was ten pounds and five little squids for cocktails which were very strong. I'd just like to point out that in the second picture, i may look completely sloshed, but i wasn't(ish). Me and my little blonde bombshell only stayed for twenty minutes because we didn't want to hit rush hour, i wanted a ben's cookie and she wanted to meet my jack for the first time at clapham who got there at six. So off we trotted and HURRAH, we get to Oxford circus and they decide to shut the gates and not let anybody else in, great choice at five-thirty. FEAR NOT young readers, for i got my ben's cookie, and zoe got to meet my squeeze (sounded like the end of airline) all thanks to good old 'swearing at and pushing strangers' and running. 

So we all lived happily ever after, but that's not all we got up to, i'll tell you in my next post about what else 'went down' including my H&M escapades and what not.

P & L

Search ResultsOn the second picture i look positively smashed, but i assure you i wasn't(ish), just a little tired and windswept. 

Monday, 6 December 2010

it was only a kiss is where beautiful garms live; beautiful, affordable vintage treasures that are like hugs for your eyes. I could write a cleverly worded paragraph, throw in a few random metaphors for good measure, sit back with my brew and gaze in awe at my wit. Instead, i'm going to pick out my besties (which is almost everything) and let the clothes speak for themselves, enjoy amigos.

That may seem like i've posted the whole bloody stock, but believe me, i haven't - getting the numbers down to this many felt like i was a judge at the v-factor (vintage).


My favourites out of the whole bunch, if i was only allowed to pick three, would be 13,18 and 25. There was one negative though, they were sold out of a lot of the stuff i wanted, but hey it's not their fault i discovered them after everyone had snatched up my eye candy - i would've if i got there first. Plus i still had a lot of URLs to pass on to mother duck, i should hopefully get them, if she figures out what URLs are and how to use them.

You may be thinking "wow what a lazy oaf, not much writing there, therefore it's blatantly a half-arsed picture post", but believe me, this took me hours. Picking out a decent number without having the whole website featured, sizing all the pictures so they all fitted on the same line then linking them all in - all whilst tweeting with fitties Gem, Purdey and Sarah - made for some very tough work, it's a good job i enjoy the shit out of it. 

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

there 'snow business like blog business

Just a little post today to say, spanks for putting my blog badge on your page, it's very appreciated and means a bloody lot:-
Jack of BLHB
Gemma of From Gem With Love
Rose of rosedl
Sarah of Burn the Blonde
Sammy of Snap Happy Sammy
Sammy of The cookie button
Amaris of Find Beauty in Everything
Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour

I'll be sure to buy you an ice cream one day and eat it with you on the swings, or make you hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, depends on the season and if you can have dairy. (If i've missed you out, just throw something of significant size at my shin and i shall add you in).

Also, a huge whopping thankyou to Sarah from Burn the Blonde, who helped me a lot via. e-mail earlier this week. As you all may know, i'm going to New York for the summer next year, and i'm practically shitting it because the website is so vague and i can't get in touch with anyone i know who's done it. Enter Sarah. After posting a comment stating seven things about me, one of them being about going to New York, Sarah commented telling me she'd done the whole Manhattan summer thing and would love to give me the ins and outs of her adventure. She answered all my questions in unexpected - and appreciated - detail, hereby turning all of my fears into excitement, and giving me basically a helpful must-do list before i go. If you haven't checked out her blog Burn the Blonde already, what the shit are you waiting for, It's awesome.

I heart Sarah.

While i'm pointing out blogs that are frickin' sexual, i'd like to point you frantically towards the following blog bombshells:-
Asha of photo-booth killer - Stunning Aussie girl, plenty of outfit posts and opinions.
Gem of From Gem with Love - Amazing chickie; diary-esque blog with plenty of photos; always touches on important subjects.
Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour - Gorgeous uptown girl, plenty of outfit posts, touch of do it herself dress making and tons of hilarious and cringey online dating stories (which i lurve).

To top off this post, this super amazing post (ahem), here's the christmasiest (yeah, i just made up a word, and what?) video i could find..

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