Tuesday, 30 November 2010

christmas time, topshop and wine

For those of you who read 'deck your halls with frocks from asos', you'll know what i'm doing over the next few weeks, for those of you who haven't here's a brief overview of what's going down init *totally street*. Christmas is that time of year where looking glam is expected, people looking fabulous are thrusted upon our eyes making us that more aware of how we dress and the pressure to live up to the super stylish standards of this holiday. So i'm scoping out all of the high street online stock, chucking out all the riff raff and posting all the goodies i find here, sort of like an online exclusive nightclub. So sit back with a mince pie, while i do all the hard work so you don't have to, splendid.

Next? I was going to do Allsaints after a comment from Ray suggesting i do so, so i checked it out but there was nothing wearable below £100, so i wouldn't have had much to write about so i chose to give topshop's dress section a whirl. I was rather impressed, array of colours, nicest dress starting at £26. Topshop, are you feeling okay? I'm not usually a topshop regular, because i prefer thrifting, i begrudge paying an obscene amount when i know i can get it for cheaper. Anyway, here are my findings:

spare change - £20-£39
    |      oo1. £28        |       oo2. £29        |       oo3. £30      |      oo4. £30      |       oo5. £32     |    oo6. £32     |
|    oo7. £32       |       oo8. £34      |      oo9. £35       |       o10. £35         |       o11. £36       |       o12. £38       |

Kudos to Topshop, this was very difficult and i actually had to push a few out to squeeze some nicer ones in, it was quite the task. I managed to pick my favourite however, i just love how number oo4 is so laid back and simple in a block colour, like a blank canvas. Here's how i'd wear it:
Dress £30   |   Ring £7.50   |  Tights £8.50   |   Bracelet £12.50   |   Shoes £62   |   Cameo £12.50   |   Shrug £25   |   Bag £20
Total = £168

Quite expensive, but considering the whole outfit is from topshop, still quite cheap. Plus, the shoes are the most expensive item, you could probably find a lower priced twin and drag that price right down. I think i'm just going to buy that dress for the sheer lust i have for it, and the fact it's only thirty pound-a-mundos, bargain!

if you've got the doe - £40-59
|        o13. £40        |      o14. £40     |      o15. £42      |     o16. £45       |      o17. £45        |      o18. £46      |
|        o19. £48        |      o20. £48      |      o21. £50        |     o22. £55      |      o23. £56        |      o24. £56      |

Once again i'm pretty much IN LOVE with all of these, especially o21, but because i used a similar coloured one for the first one, i'll opt for number o16.
Dress £45  |  Ring £7.50  |  Feather cape £75  |  Shoes £100  |  Fabric necklace £14  |  Bag £35
Total = £276.50

I love this outfit, i'm obsessed with socks and sandals, albeit this isn't quite sandals and socks but this is the winter version right? I saw a girl in flip flops in chester last thursday while i was people watching in mcdonalds, she had a huge fur coat on though, i had to take a second glance and i nearly spat out my festive pie.

if food isn't important - £60-£150
|        o25. £60        |       o26. £60            |    o27. £65      |     o28. £65      |      o29. £65         |    o30. £75      |
|        o31. £75      |      o32. £75        |      o33. £79    |     o34. £85       |      o35. £95          |      o36. £150      |

Oh my god, this one took me ages, which i'm surprised about because when dosh is no object, i trolley off and get it within minutes. But this one was very hard, every time i picked a dress to do, i'd struggle on a certain section like jewellery or shoes so i'd pick another dress. This is what i eventually came up with though, très bon, if not a bit sickly matching.
|  Dress £65  |  Bracelet £18.50  |  Shoes £80  |  Necklace £15  |  Shoulder chain £40  |Earrings £12.50  |  Ring £5  |  Bag £65  |
Total = £301
See what i mean about the sickly matchingness? I do, but i still like it, think it'd look cute. Doing my usual riff raff sieving of topshop was one of the hardest i've ever done, i had to resist putting every single dress in, almost buying a mortgage worth and i was surprised at how cheap the dresses started; they weren't even half arse dresses in the low price range, in fact, i think i'll get about three of them and parade around telling people they were four thousand pound each. And all let's not forget, it's free UK delivery over £75, perfect excuse. Very impressed topshop, very impressed.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

things have gotten closer to the sun

I was tweeting with Gemma at From Gem With Love last night about materialistic followers. Her blog is a lot bigger than mine, so she gets more bloggers using her hard work as an advert, but i still get the odd few. It proper gets on my wick because i didn't do that to get followers, i just worked really hard on my posts, as do most huge blogs who get exploited. The fact that a lot of bloggers are aware of this, further proves that the population of 'follow me and i'll follow you'ers  is multiplying faster than the snow on my drive (bloody snow). The fact that they use us as an advert, isn't the most offensive thing though, it's that they don't think we can detect their false statements and actually believe they've taken an interest in our blogs. Right before they plug the shit out of theirs or their giveaway. I only comment on post that i like, and i actually say something about it in the comment, i take time to read and understand the info before i comment and make it as personal as i can to the author and as relative as i can to the post. Gem made a good point by saying "i'll link to their blog if i like it" and "make their own blog great so they get readers", which is so true since now it seems these pluggers care more about getting followers, than they do about putting effort into their posts. The reaction i usually have, is flat out ignore them and their copy & paste method, to try and freeze them out. I honestly would rather have three followers who enjoy reading what i put out there, than four thousand that couldn't give a flying hedgehog what i think. The irony is, they'll probably never read this post.

On a lighter note...
I got given two 'Versatile blogger' awards this week, one from Purdey at Kittenish Behaviour, and the other from Nadine at Bimbobeautiful. It meant a lot to me, since i only started getting followers about a month ago, before then it was like i was talking to myself! So here are seven things about me:

001. My three biggest fears are dwarves, horses and jellyfish. Seriously dwarves just really terrify me. Once, in the precinct in liverpool town, one came riding up to me on a bike, dressed as a pirate and shouted "arrrgghhh". I ran, i ran like a motherfudger.

002. I have seven scars. Main ones are a collection of scars on my hands and knees from when i got hit by a car almost three years ago. There's one on my palm from when a had a nasty bite from my hamster nibbles when i was nine. On the same palm, there's a huge long scar from when i had the bright idea of letting my dog (who was bigger than me) pull me on roller blades, eventually leading to me falling onto a piece of glass (and chipping my tooth). Up and left from my bellybutton is a round scar, from when a belt buckle was digging into me all day, then got infected. I had to be pinned down by four people whilst a first aider squoze it to death and stitched it up. On my first day as a chef, i chopped off a big chunk of my wedding ring finger, it's still a bit wonky. One on my right thumb from when i put my hand in a sink with a knife in it and it cut it open, because it was a carving knife though, the scar is quite squiggly and looks kinda cool. And the best one, above my left eyebrow from walking into a lampost on the way home from school!

003. I love science. I love learning about it. I love thinking about things in a scientific way. I always approach things scientifically. I love scientific programmes, documentaries and books. I study forensic science in uni (i should be doing work for it right now). I just bloody love science.

004. I've only ever had two boyfriends. After being tied down throughout my whole escapade across europe, i came back and wanted to be single, since then i had been. Until i found jack, who i've actually known since primary school and made brief encounters with throughout my adolescent years. One day, i hungoverly/still drunkenly went 'round to his house and spent the day making up innuendos and eating pretzels, we hung out a lot after that day until he kissed me about two weeks later. Then he moved to london (talk about timing), he still asked me to be his girlfriend though and i said yes (huge deal for me), so far so good. We disagree on almost everything, in a good way, and there's always a debate on the horizon. 

005. I'm going to spend the summer in New York next year. I go on about it enough, i'm stupidly excited, four months of work followed by three weeks of travelling. I'm also terrified but a good terrified, i love going to new places on my own, i meet a lot more people because i'm motivated to do so. I better get a freakin' move on applying for jobs as apparently most of them are gone by january.

006. I have weird food cravings. In first and second year, i ate some very questionable combos; chocolate pasta; beetroot beans; cider jelly; onion ring lasagne and lots of others. Seriously, i'm suprised i didn't die, but i still get cravings for these things. Yeah, first year really fucked me up.

007. My mum is my best friend.

Now i'll tag seven blog chums to indulge me in theirs.
Laura from As If By Magic
Michelle from daisybutter
Sarah from Burn the Blonde
Rose from rosedl
Ashlee from Photobooth killer
Dottie from dottie

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Friday, 26 November 2010

oh hello mr blog badge

After a huge nudge in the right direction from Sarah at Burn the Blonde, via IFB, i've managed to dodge uni work and make a profile button for you all. You can now add my badge onto your page, if you do so wish, no pressure >:| just kidding. But yeah, i'd be very grateful, and if you tell me you've done it either over twittersville or via comment, i'll gladly give your blog a mention in my next post.


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Thursday, 25 November 2010

evenin' gavnah

First of all, sorry about the HORRENDOUS photo quality, i used my webcam as i still do not have my damn camera! Oh, and while i'm apologising, sorry about my face. Anyhoo, chester was the victim today, i attacked that bad boy with a bowler hat, casio and scrabble rings spelling 'hi' - old skool. Bought a load of stuff from primark actually, and noticed that the prices have gone up tremendously, what's their fascination with £11? I wore a velvet dress with tights and knee highs, i think demonstrating that was the purpose for the fourth picture, talk about failure. I look like a loopy person.

Moving swiftly on. I got nominated for a most versatile blog award by my dearest Purdey over at Kittenish Behaviour, i'd like to publicly thank her as it means alot, and i'll be nominating mine soon!

Short blog post for now, as i haven't eaten for most of the day, and because of late night shopping, i didn't get in until ten so i'm having my tea with the crickets and owls.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

beneath the milky twilight, kiss me

Those of you who know me, or have been following my blog for a while now, will know i have a book that hasn't left my side since i was 13. To put into perspective just how much my little paper friend means to me i'll tell you this, on all my travels my passport has been just kind of flung around and kept next to the burning hot straighteners or whatever, whilst my book was safely locked in the safe. It's starting to tatter now, and i'm now scared of taking it out with me incase it falls apart, which kind of defeats the point right? There's only about thirty pages left in it, but i just can't bring myself to leave it at home because i never know when i'll hear something i'll always want to remember, or i'll meet someone who i will want to write in my orange doodle chum. Anyway, most of the time, when i'm writing in my book, i'm off in my own little world and don't even remember writing whatever i wrote until i look back through it. So i was casually browsing through today, tea in hand, and i came across something i definitely don't remember writing. It was cute though, and i thought i'd share it with you all, enjoy.

"i want someone who likes the base of the cheesecake, as i like the top.
i want someone who will wait with me for the green man, even though there's no cars.
i want someone who will eat all of the raisin revels, and let me have all the chocolate ones.
i want someone with pockets big enough for us to still hold hands when it's cold.
i want someone who i can feel smiling as he kisses me.
i want someone who doesn't wash his hoodie for weeks because it smells like me.
i want someone who can finish off my sentences."

In one way, it's super lame and sounds unfinished, but i really can't remember writing it so that's kind of cool. When i read it i was like awwhh i do only eat the top of cheesecakes and then the bottom is just sitting there, alone, not being able to fulfill it's biscuity destiny. Same with revels there's always a few raisin buddies rolling around in the bag and i feel mean throwing them away, so 'years ago me' has a great concept, but i delivered it in a totally emo style!

Laaaaaaame post, but i thought i'd share, plus i have an ulterior motive. Last week, i got a pleasant little tweet from Catherine of lady liquor vintage, saying i'd won the giveaway she did. It made me feel really good, and cheered me up after being stuck in the rain and flapping around all day like a freakin' maniac, so i thought that i'd do one. I'll start picking up little goodies i find out and about and compile a little box of treaties for a lucky follower, which i'll give away once i reach 100 followers, or my room is practically bursting with stuff i've bought, one of the two.

And, i'm currently working on the christmas dress special, i've chosen topshop. It's a lot harder than ASOS, the dresses are really cheap and gorgeous but it's the accessories and shoes which whack up the price range, so i'm trying to get around that but it should be up soon.

Have a great wednesday.
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Monday, 22 November 2010

10 things i love

I got tagged by dottie dearest to post 10 of my favourite things, and after much deliberation, here they are. Enjoy.

holding hands
"the spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in"

"imperfection is the most interesting thing about a person"

odd socks

bracelets that mean something
"it takes all the fun out of a bracelet if you have to buy it yourself"

when music is played on tv shows
grey's anatomy - gabriel & the vagabond by foy vance
OTH - for blue skies by strays don't sleep
scrubs - how to save a life by the fray
the O.C - dice by finley quaye

doing silly things and not caring what people think

"you laugh because you think i'm different i laugh because you guys are all the same"

the 50s
i was definitely born in the wrong decade.

being in the rain with the one you love

vintage goodies


So there you go, my ten favourite things, obviously there is more but these are what i could think of! Now, hmmm, who can i pick on to tell me theirs?

Style of a Fashionista
Catherine of lady liquor vintage
Chantal of I'm just an indie kid
Michelle of daisybutter
Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour
Jack of Breadline Hypebeast
Asha of photo-booth killer
Gemma of From Gem with Love
Sammy of Snap Happy Sammy
Rhiiwn of rhiiwn
Rose of rosedl

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

deck your halls with frocks from asos

It's that time of year, party season is around the corner, and i'm definitely feeling the pressure of finding the perfect glam outfit. I'm doing the whole thing online for now, because screw-me-silly im so frickin' ill, i have slim-to-no patience when it comes to shopping crowds, plus it's so much easier. When it comes to shopping online for a deadline, you have to start at least four weeks before (to allow for the delivery, returns and maybe some alterations), also i like to get the dress exactly right before i shop for anything else.

So basically, i'm going to start scoping out all things bright and beautiful on the most popular fashion websites, and then present my findings to my beautiful followers.

Starting with good ol' ASOS, i'll pick my favourite dress with matching jewellery and shoesies, for all price ranges. May i add, there's an amazing sale on at the moment which made it extra difficult, tons of absolutely stunning dresses for less than £30.

spare change - £22-£45
001. £22 | 002. £24 | 003. £28 | 004. £28 | 005. £28.50 | 006. £28.50
007. £32 | 008. £32 | 009. £38 | 010. £40 | 011. £38 | 012. £45 
Above are my favourites (so much love for 009 but for more of a daytime look), in a price range affordable to moi, however i'm going to choose one that would most suit my body shape and whack a bunch of jewellery and feet huggers next to it to create an outfit option for myself (and maybe some of you).
011. £38 | Body chain £32 | Bangle £6 | Shoes £25 | Clutch £17.50 | Ring £10
Total = 128.50

Some people may not agree that this is the best way to wear this dress, but i made it my aim to only use ASOS, and i would personally wear this outfit and feel super! I know the body chain is quite pricey, but i just love body chains, they add pizzazz in such an understated way and i think it'd go quite lovely with this mink coloured number. Anyhoooooooo, onwards we go.

if you've got the doe - £50-£75
013. 50 | 014. £50 | 015. £55 | 016. £55 | 017. £55 | 018. £55
019. £55 | 020. £55 | 021. £65 | 022. £70 | 023. £75 | 024. £75
I love the dollyness of the the last two, they're just adorable, yet very hard to do justice. It's quite noticeable the huge amount of long sleeved beauties i choose, i can't help it, i just bloody love them and chiffon. The one I choose i think is very understated, yet easily dressed up, overall the best investment as it could be worn as a daytime outfit.
020. £55 | 120 denier tights £6 | Cuff £30 | T-bar heels £40 | Owl pendant £8 | Vintage ring £12 | Clutch £65
Total = £216
This was quite an easy dress to do, i went for the turquoise and tan look, which i suppose is typical but i think it looks great. I like how this frock is so versatile, i could of gone in so many directions; turquoise and silver; turquoise and black; turquoise and grey etc., at one point i was going to try turquoise and red, based on the fact that i think this ring goes so well with it, but there just wasn't the right stuff online that i could use to make it work.

if food isn't important - £80-£199
025. £80 | 026. £80 | 027. £85 | 028. £85 | 029. £89.90 | 030. £110
031. £112 | 032. £128 | 033. 140 | 034. £165 | 035. £170 | 036. £199  
Usually, i'd never dream of buying dresses in this price range, unless the dress was sell-my-kidney stunning; but still, it's okay to admire from a distance, with my student overdraft firmly locked away in some sort of bullet/fire proof safe.
035. £170 | Spike wrap bracelet £100 | Suede shoe boot £125 | Gemstone ring £118 | Handbeaded bag £65 | Hoop necklace £135 | Faux fur coat £125
Total = £838
I love some of the pieces in this one, i love the dress like cheese on crackers, and the fur coat would be worth going without food for at least a week. Although it'll be a while before i can even dream of shopping in this price range, i just love looking through clothing websites pretending money isn't an issue, so i really enjoyed this one.

Kudos to ASOS, you beautifully stocked bastard, i'll be back soon to order my arse off. I'd love some suggestions from followers dearest, to see how they'd wear it, or if there's anything i've put in that they would 'remove from shopping basket' faster than ASDA's own smash.

Also, what website shall i violate next?

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