Friday, 13 May 2011


I know what you're thinking, "sweet moses she took her sweet arse time posting this" and you'd be right, i have taken far too much time out of the blogging world. I haven't become bored of blogging or anything, like many bloggers at the moment, i've been mounting my uni work and revision like a dog's first meeting with a giant cuddly toy only without the erotic undertones. So the shirts featured above are the latest additions to the thrifted section of my wardrobe, i can't remember which charity shop they were from, but it was in wrexham. I'm not supposed to be spending money because i'm going away for the summer and i have a stupidly small amount of money saved, but i couldn't resist the 'saved by the bell'-esque-ness and they were obviously a steal. I loves them.

NEW YOOOOOOORRK. Yes, my flights are booked for the 14th of june and i'm coming back on the 9th of september, which means that it's 34 days until i climb into a tin can and am catapulted across the atlantic. I have NO apartment or job, although i have applied for 78 apartments today and bunch of boutique jobs, but i'm so excited it's untrue. I just wanna get there and live the new yorker life.

Hope you're all dandy, what was up with the blogger downtime, huh? Weird. I have a few blogposts lined up for this week, one about my new raybans, and a few outfit posts. HURRAH.

Love and jazz