Wednesday, 8 September 2010

vintage haven.

I'm not an England person. although i was born and bred in England, i don't like England, and whenever i'm in England i like to make my stay as short as possible. ever since i quit my full time job at the age of 17 to go to Europe for two months, i can't stand to be in England unless i know i'm going to be leaving in the near future, and summer 2010 was my first summer in England for four years - i was miserable and even my friends said it felt like there was something missing. that being said, i have found a place in England that i actually LOVE and if for some reason i am ever condemned to England for the rest of my life, shoreditch is where i'd want to live.

Brick Lane
During my six day adventure around the big smoke, i was introduced to glorious locations such as camden, chelsea, the city centre and my favourite place of all, shoreditch vintage fair.

It took about half an hour on the train from Clapham Junction, but boy was it worth it; as soon as we turned the corner onto brick lane, it was like stepping out of a time machine into the pre 90s. there is not a starbucks or gap in sight, it's wall-to-wall authentic market stalls,  'floordrobes' and vintage coves, all of which bursting with retro goodies - all of the clothes involved are genuine, vintage, urban renewals and you're never too far away from a bargain. Although i didn't buy anything apart from food because of a serious lack of dollar, but if my bank balance was as big as my eyes, i would have bought my body weight in fabric, therefore the planning of trip number two when i have money is in progress. i would definitely need the whole day to sort through all of the racks in the market and in the stores, and probably about a thousand pound to accommodate my findings, but definitely a job worth doing!

Although the retro garms are the backbone of the vintage fair, there is just something else about the area in which my fabric fairy-tale is set. it's the authentic, rustic, cobbled streets; it's the mazes of golden oldie frocks; it's the double decker bus, converted into a cafe; it's the artsy fartsy rapport about the place; but most of all, it's the sheer coolness and laid back attitude of all the attendees, who are all there to have a good time while they shop. most places in the UK would look down on buying second hand clothing, but here it's encouraged, to the point it's almost fashionable not to be wearing a box fresh garm.

I bloody love high street stores, i think they're essential, but after my little visit to brick lane, they will never match up and i will always find myself comparing possible purchases on the high street to what i could get in shoreditch for the same money.

Thanks shoreditch, you've set the bar high and i'll be back soon, after i've sold my right arm.

P & L

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