Monday, 27 September 2010

London shmondon.

Sometimes two days just isn't enough, but four days is too much.

After my last trip, i'm sort of beginning to tire of London; maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the fact i had no money, perhaps it was my state of mind when i was leaving or maybe it was just because the novelty has worn off, i don't know.

Anyway, i arrived at clapham junction at 10.45 on monday night, i was half high off of a litre of red bull and happy to see my bearded male-amigo (stalk him here -> Breadline Hypebeast). i didn't have much money with me because it was a spur of the moment visit, so tuesday was spent walking around the city centre, voluntarily torturing ourselves - me hugging lavish items and Jack fashioning jackets valued at a months rent. there was uno purchase that i was over the moon with; in a previous fashion related post, i declared my love for a leopard print beret, priced at £22 though, it was out of my reach. which was why, in H&M on tuesday, the sheer sight of my beloved beret's twin on a mannequin for a fraction of the price made me "eep" - ask Jack, he was there. see for yourself the uncanny-ness;
H&M £7.99 -
Urban Outfitters £22

Throughout the day, hints were thrown about that i should stay longer, assessing my bank balance after the hat adoption - it was a yes. after giving up my last £17.50, my new train was saturday morning instead of thursday morning - and we were both quite happy about it. that pretty much concluded tuesday, knackered, we retired back to clapham and pretty much vegged for the rest of the night. this continued throughout wednesday, apart from the odd trip to ASDA, we were pretty much actual vegetables.

Thursday morning dawned, and although i had zero dollar left, i wanted to scope out the charity shops in London - as if i hadn't been tortured enough the previous day. we took a ridiculously long walk through clapham town, bobbing in and out of any second hand clothing stores we saw, which sounds weird considering about three years ago, saying such filth would have had you labelled a 'tramp'. there were a few cute garms and feet huggers, but i had my leopard print angora covered mind set on some vintage brogues, which i failed to find. we returned home feeling quite satisfied that we'd done some exploring, had some hawaiian pizza, a dose of Mystery Science Theatre and watched Finding Nemo; we're not hermits, it's just the joys of having no stable income. thursday night was pretty rough for me, the next day was six months since Faye went to heaven, i spent most of the night texting my Mum and trying to hold back tears (failing).

I woke up friday morning so happy though, i had my first dream where Faye came to visit, and it seemed so real - like she'd never gone, i'd missed her so much. what followed was a glorious day; we watched Matilda and How I Met Your Mother until we burst with sheer visual glory. then friday night, after lights out, pretty much mimicked thursday.

By friday, i was all set to go and couldn't wait to get home, but hated saying bye to beardy - as always.

So yeah, i don't know what tainted my London adventure this time, but i'm willing to give it a second chance. student loan wednesday somewhat translates into shoreditch, so i'll figure out soon if our capital and i can work it out.

P & L

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