Friday, 5 April 2013

voodle: over and out.


This has been a long time coming, i've tried to put it off by forcing myself to blog and promising future posts, but i've come to accept that there will be no future posts, this will be my final literary soirĂ©e.

This probably isn't as dramatic as i'm making out, because i haven't been posting regularly for a while, most of you have probably gotten over voodle now. But i'm gonna pretend it's dramatic for funsies.

In the past year, i've noticed the quality to quantity of blogs ratio deplete dramatically, it seems to me like there are thousands more blogs, all offering the same thing. This saddens me. I'm not saying it is necessarily a bad thing; blog what you feel; i'm just saying i don't wish to be a part of it anymore.

Mostly all i see now is a medley of youtube tutorials, makeup reviews and topshop hauls. Now that is me generalizing, there are some cracking blogs still out there, some of which i began reading before i first started blogging.

To be honest, the blogging world now strikes me as sickly sweet, something that just doesn't sit well with me, which is why i no longer wish to be involved in it. It comes across as a field of falseness, it has been a while since i have comes across a blog that seems genuine and not just someone who wants to blog and therefor is following the new blog protocol; i.e. post lots of selfies, talk about topshop, talk about weekly activities and maybe do a make-up review, all the while commenting sickly comments on popular blog posts to gain traffic. Tell me i'm wrong?

I won't lie, there is a slight hint of ignorance within my opinion; i haven't been reading or discovering many blogs in the last year, but i have stumbled across some without trying and it is on those that i base this opinion; my followers on twitter are far from new to my rants about the blogs of today.

Main annoyance points;

  • Tea - tea is okay, stop buzzing off it. It's not cool to love tea and it's not cute and dainty - overweight builders love it for fuck's sake.
  • Cupcakes - fucking hell, i mean, jesus, get a hobby. If you love cupcakes as much as you make out then i feel sorry for you. I love a good cupcake but i wouldn't focus on them. Stop taking pictures of them and fucking eat them.
  • Vintage - I have always shopped vintage, but i despise those who feel the need to look 'vintage' (dying hair ginger, victory rolls, floral dresses, 'tea parties' etc.). It is not original, it is not quirky, you are not a 'different'. In fact, i think it is one of the most common looks today.
  • Instagram - selfies, selfies, selfies and pictures of the above annoyance points. Need i say more?
Following on from the last annoyance point (i think i'm coining that phrase), when i scroll down my insta newsfeed, i follow a lot of decent bloggers and see them posting photos and it's the comments that really make me want to vomit. It is just a barrage of "omg sooooooooo pretty"..."absolutely gorgeous!!!!" It's so cringeworthy. Have some dignity and stop behaving like a groupie.

Same goes for people who post 'nominate me for...' posts, when only a few posts before, they were saying about how they blog for themselves. Where has this need for gratification come from? We all want followers, it would be a lie to say we don't care if people read our work, because we do but don't change or hold back so as not to cause any controversy. It is for this reason (and the fact i have not felt inspired to blog for a long time) that i am terminating my little house of words; i would rather not blog and have 0 readers and have said my piece than be a part of tutorials, topshop and product reviews.

People who read this may think i'm just bitter, jealous or just an angry person but i am not. I absolutely loved my blogging heyday, i just feel it has moved on to a place where i no longer wish to be. That is not to say that i don't feel enormous gratitude towards those who have supported voodle for all of this time, for those who have enjoyed my posts for their honesty and for those who will understand that this is not an attack post, it is just me being me. 

There will probably be readers out there who don't agree with me, people who wholeheartedly do and there will be people who jump straight on the defensive. But hey, that's what you get when you throw some Tabasco into the mix.

On a parting note, i would like to extend my heart and my keyboard to those of you who are being genuine, who are blogging for yourselves and not so you get invited to events and for all of the bloggers who became my friends over the years (you know who you are). Keep pushing through all of the "follow me and i'll follow you" comments and i'll see you on the other side!

- people need to give closure, as much as people need to receive it.

For the last time;
P + L
Over and out,

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

you don't have to find anything important, nor can anything be deemed it. It's about what is important to you, hence why 'you are the best mum/dad in the world' cards are mass produced and bought every year.

if you are ever torn between two things, be it person or object, then it is neither of them. otherwise you wouldn't be torn, you would know.

these are the two things i apply to my entire life (in which i don't think i've done too bad), i know you didn't ask to hear them, but i thought i'd share them. I would also like to share that i have just eaten a bowl of scrambled eggs and thought for a good while about whether things like spiders or mice have their equivalent to our wine and chocolate...only they wouldn't know it as 'wine and chocolate' obviously...they're not sat in their web/house thinking 'i feel like a bar of dairy milk'.

i feel i have shared too much, but if you truly know me, then it wouldn't even phase you.


Friday, 23 November 2012


Until I can actually pull my arse out of work long enough to buy some decent batteries for my DSLR, i'm opting to jump on the 'generic instagram post' bandwagon. So here are my last 10 instagram photos. Admittedly they are not typical of a self proclaimed fashion blogger, nonetheless, they caught my eye long enough for me to want to share them with my fantastic 123 followers, and now with all of you on here. It is a slow rehabilitation back into the blogging world, it's hard to be inspired, but i guess i have to accept the fact i live in a less than inspirational place and, rather than wait for myself to happen upon awe inspiring insight, hunt that bad boy down. So bare with me peeps (i'msostreet). 

A neon skull bracelet, bought for me by a friend of mine                                     Foals gig i recently bagged tickets for
A Johnny Cash record i found in a charity shop for 50p                                        Some JC look-a-likes i picked up for £15
Some doodles during a long lecture                                                                    A pizza i made in Prezzo rugby during a work 'thing'
Mac highlighter i recently purchased                                                                  Real JC's bought for me by my bf (xmas present)
My wardrobe which is way too full                                                                      Deftones gig i'm going to, 2013 is a good year for gigs!

And there you have it. If you wish to view my feeble attempts at photography regularly, feel free to follow my instagram. Until next time, little scamps..

Peace and jazz

Monday, 12 November 2012

Giveaway winner

So, after much more procrastinating, i am proud to announce the winner of my giveaway (which lasted over a year!). It is one of my old blogging buddies too; Rose! You win all of the following;

Please e-mail me at with your address or DM me it on twitter :) 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

take these sunken eyes and learn to see

First of all, hello!

I would secondly like to apologise to all of my subscribers for being an M.I.A. bastard and not blogging for just under a year. See when I was forced to move back home from New York I was stuck in a rut. For the whole time before my move to the big city, i hadn't really thought what would happen after it because i was so caught up in all the excitement and concentrating on the only important thing i had going on in my life. So when i unwillingly arrived home, i was swamped by well wishes, requests for stories and love from my then boyfriend. This then spiraled downwards; i found out that i couldn't submit my uni work and had to hand in to pass and i have just completed a repeat year which i have to fund myself - nightmare. So safe to say i have not been in the best of spirits since touching down on UK turf. 

But here i am now; single, complete with a new look, new fitness regime, new piercings and a new tattoo. I'm a changed person, i swear. New York made me into the person i've always knew i was, the person who was always stifled by small town life, now i'm not afraid to do anything.

I have begun planning to go back to the big apple, this time for a lot longer, six months even and maybe even permanent if i can find a way. This time will be a hell of a lot more different though; i'll be a free agent, i'll have more time to explore, i'll be there with a whole different bunch of people; it's actually kind of terrifying.

So i guess i'm going to start blogging again! Thank you for all of the voodlers who have hung in there through my blogging dry spell, i appreciate the support.

Lastly, now i'm a 'meal for one' again, if anyone knows of any tattooed, bearded hipsters.. fling 'em my way for us? Cheers.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

new york giveaway

Sorry about the lighting on the pictures, i took them in work which is the only place i seem to be nowadays. This is my New York giveaway. I've been collecting things since the first week i arrived in the big apple and this is the end collection. I know it's  not major, just a few little pretty things, but they're all NY sourced and original (i think, i got them from little market stalls and independent boutiques). You know the drill, i'm just gonna use the standard giveaway rules, plus one or two added.


* Iconic I heart NY tee in your size
** Two rings, bought from a market stall and an independent new york boutique.
*** Owl necklace and plate necklace, both bought from an independent new york boutique.
**** Bumpy cuff thing. 
***** And a few new york themed suprises.


* You must be a follower of my blog or/and my twitter.
** Leave a comment including "enter me".


*** Tweet something or put something on your blog about my giveaway and leave a link to the tweet/post for an extra entry.
**** Tell me something you like about my blog for an extra entry.
***** State a moment we've shared on twitter or bloggy-blog for an extra entry.




i hate being so formal, you sods.
luff you all