Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The curious case of Emma Jones

Ever noticed that the best things are from your childhood? Lately, I feel like I'm ageing backwards and I find myself acting immature (where appropriate) and opting for OAProducts. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and the way it's progressing, I couldn't live without my laptop or my phone, but just because 150,000,000 of those round coins I lack have been spent researching it, doesn't mean it's better than it's pre-decessors. I'm not sure if it's my stubbornness toward change, a not so subtle attempt at holding on to my childhood or just my love for retro/vintage products, but it's happening and I'm embracing it.

Digital (R)age...
The sophistication of digital cameras, in my opinion, is going too far and it's unnecessary. Personally, I don't see the point in spending a ridiculous amount of money on a camera just so I can focus on a road sign behind my friends head or stand at the South coast of Italy and give a Sicilian fellow a quick dental check with the zoom. Photography is about capturing a moment so you can look back and remember how you felt, yet with all these knobs, buttons and lenses to adjust, by the time you're ready to take the picture the moment has gone. So I've decided I'm ditching the digital and donning the disposable. I miss the anticipation of waiting for my photo's to be developed and the moments going through them for the first time with the characters involved in my chemically developed story, laughing like a pack of hyenas. Plus, I don't know about you, but when I'm drunk, I lose things easily... and often (I've already lost 4 dig-cams) and when you lose a digital camera, you don't only have to fork out another £100 for a replacement only to lose it again, you lose all of the stored pictures on it.
You know what really grinds my gears: people (mostly girls) these days seem to take pictures solely to upload onto their social network, proving that they were at an event, or to act as evidence of how 'totally bangin'' they looked that night; there's nothing more annoying than taking a picture then having bodies flocked around you looking at it saying "delete it, I look gross" - Well deleting it is not going to improve your looks is it?


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