Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the city so nice, they named it twice

It's exciting times in Emma's life, i think it's been the most exciting day for a good week and a half, i randomly decided to mosey on down to London to visit my male-amigo; but most exciting of all, after a month of e-mailing a landlord in NY, i finalised negotiations on a tenancy agreement for an apartment in manhattan. i can literally smell the shops.

Situated at 311 west broadway, SoHo is a neighbourhood known for it's art, and over time, has also become a famous destination for shopping. i'm literally almost peeing with excitement, even though i've known i'm going to New York for a while, the thought that a tenancy agreement in a lovely little envelope will be making it's way across the atlantic to little old me in the near future, somewhat makes it seem real.

The apartment is $800 a month...
... with a huge bedroom...
... private bathroom...
... decent living room...
... and a nice modern kitchen.
I have to pay one months deposit via an agency (safety first), and $600 security deposit on arrival, which i'll get back when i leave. i am definitely going to become a bargainista during this student year, i may have to cut down on some fashion purchases, but it'll all be worth it when i can spend my hard earned pennies in the big apple instead.

Now all i need is to find my forensic science internship and i'm all set. eeeep.

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  1. Emma you are one lucky lady, can I come with you and live in your wardrobe please?

    I remember those lovely notes you wrote for me the first time I went to New York, one to open on the plane there and one to open on the plane back!

    Sue xx


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