Saturday, 23 June 2012

take these sunken eyes and learn to see

First of all, hello!

I would secondly like to apologise to all of my subscribers for being an M.I.A. bastard and not blogging for just under a year. See when I was forced to move back home from New York I was stuck in a rut. For the whole time before my move to the big city, i hadn't really thought what would happen after it because i was so caught up in all the excitement and concentrating on the only important thing i had going on in my life. So when i unwillingly arrived home, i was swamped by well wishes, requests for stories and love from my then boyfriend. This then spiraled downwards; i found out that i couldn't submit my uni work and had to hand in to pass and i have just completed a repeat year which i have to fund myself - nightmare. So safe to say i have not been in the best of spirits since touching down on UK turf. 

But here i am now; single, complete with a new look, new fitness regime, new piercings and a new tattoo. I'm a changed person, i swear. New York made me into the person i've always knew i was, the person who was always stifled by small town life, now i'm not afraid to do anything.

I have begun planning to go back to the big apple, this time for a lot longer, six months even and maybe even permanent if i can find a way. This time will be a hell of a lot more different though; i'll be a free agent, i'll have more time to explore, i'll be there with a whole different bunch of people; it's actually kind of terrifying.

So i guess i'm going to start blogging again! Thank you for all of the voodlers who have hung in there through my blogging dry spell, i appreciate the support.

Lastly, now i'm a 'meal for one' again, if anyone knows of any tattooed, bearded hipsters.. fling 'em my way for us? Cheers.