Monday, 13 September 2010

wish list

I have felt tortured the past few days, forced to stay in by my bank balance (apart from one visit to a friends in chester to watch Gremlins 2 and Critters 4), the internet was my only friend. i found one fashion website leading me to another, then that website directing me to a similar website etc., and before i knew it i'd concocted a mental shopping list of things i want/need.

Leather twist lock satchel
Indiana Jones has one.

Varsity bomber jacket

Vintage brogues - acquirable from most vintage or charity shops

...and autumn florals.

j'adore vintage knits...

As many flannel shirts as I can get my grubby mitts on.
...and dainty little pendants
Chunky gold jewellery...

Wooly stockings
in a rainbow
of colours.

Chunky, oversized
scarves in as many
colours as I can afford.

Chunky 'YEAH' necklace
 - i don't know why
but it's cute on.
Adidas sports
watch on eBay

love this.
Reebok freestyle Hi
in white

I sort of want this 
'spacey' jacket too.


So for now they're all just a distant dream, and by 'distant', i mean when my student loan comes through. two weeks and counting 'til i hit shoreditch vintage fair and rape eBay in search of my pictured goodies, bye-bye summer clothes, see you next year.

I can't bloody wait.

P & L

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  1. haha way to use your wiles and tricks on the curry's man, that's genius!

    £400 :O what kind of camera is it?

    Also...varsity bomber jacket and reebok freestyle....yum. love this post



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