Tuesday, 22 March 2011

stand with me and tell me it'll all be okay

This is a post, to apologise for my lack of blogging at the moment, it is unfortunately for a good reason and may continue for the rest of this week. I was involved in a serious car crash on monday, my car was written off and i'm currently suffering from serious - and gross looking - head injuries, i can't really look at my laptop screen for too long without getting a headache. IT PROPER SUCKS ASS.

Gross, right? That's just the minor cuts on my forehead from smashing into my rear-view mirror.

Those of you little munchkins who follow me on twitter will know i've been contemplating dying my hair the past coupl'a days, which i've never done before, so i was really putting some thought into it. It was on the way to buy said hair dye that my little car did some ballroom dancing with a micra, it was totally the other woman's fault, she almost killed me and the police are having a stern talk with her and she may lose her license - GOOD! Maybe i really wouldn't of suited dying my hair, bit of a drastic way to stop me though, turning my suziki into a moving rattle.

Anyway, i just thought i should let you all know that i've not been kidnapped or fallen down the toilet, i'm just a little down, sore and frightened at the moment. 

There's just nothing like seeing your death, i was seconds away from it, i could feel it. I'm still expecting some sort of epiphany, to wake up, jump out of bed and grab life by the swingers. I thought it would've happened already but all i've done is think about how it would've turned out if the oncoming lorry, which near missed me, had been passing the junction a few seconds earlier and it knocks me sick.

Sorry for the downer post folks, i'll be back on form soon, pissing everyone off with my sarcasm and it'll be regal.


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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hello little ones, i need your glorious help, in finding something pretty as i have yet to spend my ASOS vouchers. Now i love ASOS, i think it's excellent quality for money, but there's so much stuff that it's hard to look for something i want without feeling like i'm missing something. Like it's totally different when i see something i need and just buy it, to when i'm given money to look for something to spend it on, it's like a whole different ball game. So i've narrowed it down to a bunch of things, i have £40 to spend, please help amigos.

So they're my favourite things i need, rather than just want, which is constructive i think. Which one is your fave? Arrrrggghhhh seriously struggling on what to get init.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

they call her love

Yesterday was sunny, so everyone probably noticed, so i made the most of it and did a load of stuff and took a bunch of photos. Here are a few of my faves:

I have a load of blog posts planned over the next couple of days, now that my netbook is fixed, i can upload pictures again - YAY.

It's my birthday night out in my home town this friday and saturday, i get to see all my friends and wear my new feet huggers - i'm going for sheer ankle socks and a playsuit - drink lots of birthday vino and throw some sick shapes in heebie's and bumper.

I know some of you may have noticed the absence of say my name sunday, which i apologise for, but i had so much stuff to do and i didn't want the quality to slack so i'm making it a monthly thing; first sunday of every month. HURRAH.

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine, i know i did, rolling around with the honey bees.

Stay classy