Sunday, 30 January 2011

say my name sunday

Has it been a week already? I guess so. Another week, another peek, into the minds of bloggers and how they came up with the names of the blogs that grace our computer screens ever so often these days. 

Chris, is an ever trendy, very talented photographer who lives in london. His blog, happenings of rainbowing, had me wondering from the start where he came up with the name. It's bursting with beautiful photography, from outfit posts to sushi and noodles, accompanied by free-flow writing style keeping his readers updated about his recent endeavors. Here's how he came up with his blog name:-

"Well before I met blogger, fashion, music or most of the things I love I would sit down on my computer and draw. Digital art. I was about 11-13. And when I was 8 I set up a small website called 'Da grid' it was me and my friends Idea (yes ok it's embarassing! but wait it gets worse) it was a little pokemon fan site. (Ok I'm not looking too cool right now) So I used to draw pokemon and blah blah on the site. Sooner or later I joined these little drawing communities where I met some brilliant people over the web and they have influenced and inspired me so much (of course everyone has moved on from drawing pokemon) some of them are in my 'Reading list' My username was not too cool, so I decided to make a new account and at this point I already had a little dragon character named 'Rainbowing', I'm still embarrassingly fond of him. Now I'm not into those world of warcraft dragon and mages things but for some reason I was drawing a dog in early sketches which accidentally looked like a dragon and I went from there. The little community came up with the name. So I ditched my old username and started using rainbowing. It has a nice ring to it don't you think? So when my swedish friend shared her blog with me through facebook I fell in love with the Idea. So I started it up and there was the name box staring at me. 
I really liked the name of this girl's blog 'Peace of Analeigh' it felt really complete. So I came up with something of my own similarly. But Happenings of Chris didn't sound right, so I took a little bit of who I was into it. And so 'Happenings of Rainbowing' came into the equation."

Bee, is a genuine, down to earth chick with a suiting blog called vivatramp. Her blog oozes   with musings, diary-esque photos, and captivating 'real-girl' writing style. She's also one of the nicest people in the blogosphere, and gladly e-mailed me explaining what her blog name means, and how it came about:-

"'Vivatramp' is the brainchild of my friends knack of creating nicknames and my ability to have an outgoing lifestyle on a budget. I've always been known as THAT girl at the party.You know...that one who's sinking vodkas faster than anyone else...that one that's requested a power ballad and is now singing it into an empty glass. I know, classy right?! I guess that's where 'viva' comes from (viva comes from the Spanish verb 'vivir' - to live). The 'tramp' part comes from the fact that I'm unemployed and skint. Charming. However, I don't actually agree with calling homeless people tramps so it's slightly contradictory of me. Scandal! I think the name 'Vivatramp' will stick me with for life and I hope my blog will too!"

Stephanie May updates her blog, velvet morning, with everything from music to fashion. There's a very clear balance between pictures and wholesome writing, and although i only recently discovered it, i'm hooked. In her own words, here's how she came up with the name for the home of her musings:-

"When I was thinking about starting a blog, like most people, I was having trouble thinking of a name. Each day it would be different and most of them were VERY cheesy although, who doesn't love a bit of cheesiness. Then one night I went to a friends party and they played "Some Velvet Morning" by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, which was also covered by Primal Scream and Kate Moss. It's quite possibly the oddest song I've ever heard. It consists of two parts that clash together but some how work which, is a lot like my blog. I cover art, music, fashion and other things that I come across in my life that I want to share with people. A few days later when I finally decided to take the plunge I decided to call my blog Velvet Morning. It also helps that I also have an unhealthy love of velvet." 

That's all for this week, i'm only doing three a week now, next week will include; Breadline-hypebeast; The cookie button and Stiletto Aholic. If you'd like to be featured, send a paragraph explaining what your blog name means, and how you came up with it to


Friday, 28 January 2011

life's like an hour glass glued to the table

Totally lost over the past couple of days, although i'm surrounded by people who love and care for me, i feel so alone. It's just amazing how one day approaching can change how you feel for a whole week.

Last march, i lost my sister faye, and today would've been her twenty-first birthday. Faye was an amazing person, she didn't give a shit about what people thought about her, she oozed spontaneity, and was just the best. She was a total free spirit, and we loved going on little adventures and stealing souvenirs (all of which i still have (mainly from virgin trains!)), and not a day goes by without me thinking about her.

I knew this day was going to be bad but i had no idea how much, which is weird because it would've been the complete opposite, if she was still here. Today was horrible, i was pretty much on my own for the most part, and i wandered around chester going to places we'd been to. If i had money, i'd be in my hometown, down at my spot by the beach. It's usually the only place that snaps me out of a smile-less day, but today in chester did the job, and an old friend bringing me a banana milkshake wasn't exactly the worst thing! When something's bothering me, i'm more of a 'smile now, cry later' kind of person, i don't like to drag people down when i'm sad. So after putting on an ear-to-ear grin all day, i got home and started sorting through all the crap in my room, it totally helps me!

Since faye got stolen from us, i've been obsessed with trying to find pictures of me and her, there's only a few even though i remember taking loads. The main one i can remember was taken on my phone and was when we went to this totally lame underground labyrinth cave in wales where we had to wear bright blue hard-hats, we took the piss the whole time, took a photo of us in our totally sexy hats and both had it as our phone background for months. I've literally tore my room apart at times, looking for the phone which i took it on because i know i have it still, and tonight i found it but it has no battery! I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

I don't want this to come across as a 'feel sorry for me' post, because it's quite the opposite, i want everyone to take it as motivation to do whatever the hell you want in life! Behave like a lunatic in public if you want, when are you ever going to those people again?! Totally cliche but, do something everyday that is outside your boundaries, make yourself think "fuck, i shouldn't be doing this". And most importantly, don't take anyone for granted, because, touch wood, one day they might not be there and you'll find yourself in on a friday night, listening to The xx, offering the skies the whole world and a kinder egg, just to see their face again, even if just for a second.

Happy twenty-first birthday faye, i bet the birthday cakes up there are frickin' awesome. 

P & L

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Spring/summer fashion is approaching like morning breath at 7am, on a sunday, after a rough one. With sale percentages going up to 70%, retailers desperate to clear space, it wont be long until we're ditching our wooly tights and donning our denim shorts. The problem i encounter each time one fashion season ends, and another begins, is where to start. I usually start by digging out last years summer garms to see what i can salvage, then i search down the sides of any couch i can find to tally up the pennies and mentally traipse around online stores, creating out of reach shopping baskets. It's hard to decide which style route you're going to go down when you're basically starting with an empty summer wardrobe, although it is refreshing the fact you can go down any route you want, like a clean slate. So i've done the traipsing on the UK's most popular clothing websites, found some must-have items that may help you decide whether you rape the florals or the pastels this summer, and documented them in four posty-wosts. Number one being Urban Outfitters'. Enjoy.

Urban Outfitters

best of the florals...
             001. £38                |             002. £10              |             003. £38               |               004. £42              |             005. £55   

In my opinion, with florals, you can't go wrong. There also very adaptable to all seasons, just by the simple changing of a few colours, and add instant femininity to any outfit. As long as it's a nice print, and a classy design, floral is ├╝ber versatile and i haven't met one person yet who doesn't suit it. I'll definitely be bringing my garden into my wardrobe this summer.

best of the brights...
             006. £55               |              007. £65              |             008. £38               |               009. £45              |             010. £55   
Brights definitely scream picnic in the park. I pretty much suit every colour, except yellow, so i'm quite lucky. I always have trouble wearing brights though, because i never know when to stop, and i don't like my outfits to look too matchy-matchy. I think i'll be sticking to soft colours this summer, alot like the first and second picture, but i do have a garm crush on 010.

colours of the sky...
             011. £143               |              012. £28              |             013. £30               |               014. £116              |             015. £30   
By colours of the sky, i mean blacks, whites, greys and pale pinks and purples. I would absolutely love to be able to fork out £143 for a silk top, especially the de-lish one shown in 011. I reckon this'll be my style for this summer, i love simplicity and i like layering, and these colours aren't too overpowering to layer. I'm definitely getting the swallow t-shirt, i'm actually in love with it, and i'm debating the cross one to because i'm obsessed with anything 'cross' lately.

             016. £10                |              017. £8               |             018. £22               |               019. £12              |             020. £16   
               021. £18             |              022. £16              |             023. £24               |               024. £16              |             025. £68  

Headbands are going to be a huge part of my dressings this summer, i've decided, even if no-one else wears them. I'm also going to start wearing more silver jewellery, i barely ever  stray from gold, but this summer i'm going to drape dirty silver all over me. How erotic. I usually opt for two pairs of sunglasses every summer, a girly shape, and an edgy shape. Last year i went for nude-pink wayfarers and gold aviators, this year i already have 022 in black, and i'm heading straight for the heart shaped frames as my girly pair - sorted. 

best of the feet huggers...
               026. £85             |              027. £115            |             028. £24               |               029. £115            |             030. £38  

I don't really put much emphasis on the shoes i wear, i often find if i don't think about what feet-chums i wear, it makes the outfit more edgy and less topshop-y. My one weekness, however, is gorgeous heels. So it was drool city on saturday in the oxford street store when i saw the suede cut out wedges, aren't they beautiful, and i'm feeling the cream cross-overs. In contrast to my first comment about shoes, if it's a nighttime outfit, i find it easier to pick the shoes i'm wearing first and build my outfit around them. Weird, huh?

So that's urban outfitters checked off the list, next, topshop.

Are you all good? I bloody hope so. I'm loving all the e-mails i'm getting about the blog names, keep 'em coming, you lovely beans.


P & L

Sunday, 23 January 2011

say my name sunday

I always find myself asking people what their blog names mean, and i always find the answers super interesting, it's awesome how people's minds work. So i thought it'd be an interesting post, to ask people to e-mail me about what their blog name means and where it came from.

Here are my findings muchachas;

I love this woman, her name is sarah, and she blogs over at burn the blonde (obv). Here's the story in her own words about where her blog name was born and what it means:-

"I had wanted to start a blog for a long time but I was always to busy at uni/travelling to get round to it. But when I got home from New York I needed something to occupy my time and so my blog was born! I'm quite an impatient person so I knew the day I decided that I was going to start my blog had to be the day that it was named. designed, launched and up and running! I didn't want to have the words 'fashion' or 'style' in the title, because my blog is a reflection of me, not just what I wear. There were a couple of names I wanted but that were already taken in one way or another but then I came up with Burn the Blonde! As a lover of alliteration it was perfect and pretty original I thought! It also has a silly little meaning, made up after the name was created: burn can mean to slate something (ooh burn!) but it can also mean that you like it and want to copy it (like to burn a c.d! Told you it was silly) and I thought that was pretty fitting for a blog! You'll either like it or you don't!"

I'm so jealous of this thrifters bargainous encounters in charity shops, she has the total '50s look' going on, and she looks a million dollars and here's how she came up with Lady liquor vintage:-

"The name for my blog really just came from the name of my little vintage business I'm setting up, as the blog was really set up to show new items up for sale, tell everyone about fairs & shops news, and just kinda went on into more things from there :) 'Lace & Liquor Vintage' is quite a strange name, which pretty much makes no sense at all! I originally wanted to call it 'Lace & Leather Vintage', as two of the things I sometimes sell are lace & leather items! But then when I found out lace & leather was a Britney Spears song, (ugh!) I thought it had to be changed sharpish!"

Alison is a very sweet girl and Daisychains and Heartbeats is a perfect example of the "where did you come up with your blog name" blog names! Here's what she told me:-

"The name 'Daisychains and Heartbeats' is basically the brain child of my failing imagination.  It is pretty much there because I couldn't think of anything else! I knew that I wanted my blog name to be something that entices images of whimsical days and dainty thoughts - something a bit cute.  I have no idea why, I mean, it's not like my blog actually reflects that, but that is what I decided so that is where my train of thought travelled.  Saying that though, I'm pretty sure I wanted it to have some sort of daisy theme because I love daisies and I wanted my banner to have some sort of daisy-like images in it (although that never actually happened....) and I guess 'heartbeats' just kinda slotted in.  I would quite like to change it to a short singular word - something a bit more abrupt - but I'm not good at this whole 'coming up with a name' thing, so for now it will just have to be stuck on that."

Kittenish Behaviour, created by Purdey (Sian) is definitely a highly recommended blog by me, she's another chickie i'm declaring my love for, and one of the most intriguing blog name stories:-

"Kittenish Behaviour comes from my nickname Kitten which Tatty kind of gave me and I kind of adopted about fourteen years ago. Tatty and I had only just met and were going out with a large group of friends for drinks around Ipswich, we all went back to someone's flat to carry on chatting and drinking but I was so tired I curled up in Tatty's lap and fell asleep! Tatty being the artist that she is drew this picture of me...
....I'd been called Kitten by a few people before and I think Tatty decided this night that it was an apt nickname for me. I've been Kitten Breeches ever since. As this blog is about my slightly crazy life "Kittenish Behaviour" seemed an ideal title."

Ash is a splendid little beauty from Oz who i wish i got to see when she visited recently, she has a blog called photo booth killer, and she explained why it came to be called that by the following:-

"The name of my blog comes from a poem by Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors), from his book "The Lords and the New Creatures". I won't put the whole piece here, because it's long, but the excerpt goes-

Photo-booth killer
Fragile Bandit
Straight from ambush

I love Jim, even enough to have another of his poems tattooed on me. The name of the blog, therefore, is not at all fashion related :)"

There you have it folks, if you want to be featured in next weeks, just e-mail me ( with 50-ish words explaining where you came up with the name for your blog and what it means. I'll try to feature everyone who contacts me, but i'll have to have some sort of filtering system, and try to use the most interesting ones!

P & L 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

headrush in the bush

Shirt - Urban Outfitters    |   Skirt - New Look   |   Necklaces 1 & 2 (present from jack) - Lazy Oaf   |   Headband - vintage - off my nan init.

Hola kimosabes, sorry about the long gap, here's a cookie. I'm here in london, and after a totally subtle hint from Amaris ("where are you?! you need to update us"), i thought i best update you lovely buggers. I have asked quite a few of you, over the last week or whatever, to enlighten me on how your glorious brains conjured up the names of your blogs, the content of which have become a rather huge part of our totally glam lives *drinks £3 wine*. The pictures above, were taken on Tuesday, but i was so frickin' tired after doing an all nighter, i konked out and didn't post it and the next day i went to Bristol. But anyway, it's what i wore to uni, and please (as i always say) excuse my massively benderish face.

I've been trying my darnedest this visit to our cap, to not spend moneys, but urban outfitters raked me in from my street roaming badly clothed way, into a paradise of sale items and pretty frills. So obviously 'till-time' was verging on the horizon. I only parted with £70, and i got about five things, plus a leopard print cross tee i've been drooling over for the past few weeks. Infact, i'm wearing it right now, smooth operator. Many pictures to come.

If you want to be featured in 'say my name sunday' (the blog name explanation jobby) e-mail me at with a paragraph about where your blog name came from, and what it means. I'll feature everyone i receive, as long as it's not like "oh hi, my name's tina, so i called my blog 'tina-blog", i don't want to waste space on this here interweb.

P & L

Friday, 14 January 2011

After three days of sister dressing, pictured taking and sale post making, my blog shop is finally open. You can get to it easily by clicking onto the "voodle blog shop" tab underneath my header, and following the link from there. Have a good root around and be sure to e-mail me with any questions or if you'd like extra pictures. Happy shopping!

P & L

Monday, 10 January 2011

there's something missing in the ever after glow

Skirt - River Island | Jumper  - Topshop | Rings - Boots & Primark | Brogue boots - eBay
 Necklace - Lazy Oaf (present from Jack) | Owl necklace - eBay | Casio watch - Urban Outfitters

Hello you.

I finished uni at 11 today instead of 5, so i went on a bit of a photo binge and snapped my outfit for today, et vioila. I've only had my camera since christmas, and until now i haven't had time to take any photos of me, so the pictures are a bit sucky but i'm just testing where in my house is good for taking outfit photos. Which one do you think works? Oh, and i apologise for my extremely gay face.

Anyhoodles, those of you who follow on me on twitter will know that yesterday i confirmed my place on the work america programme, which set me back £320. Considering i'm not working, and i have a ton of clothes, i'm thinking about opening up a blog shop or an eBay shop to try and raise money for the trip. Anyone already got one? Which one would be better? God i'm hopeless.

So, it's official, 20 weeks to go until i start my 4 month long New York lifestyle...

...and i can't twatting wait.

P & L

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

you can't drink sausages

Hello my dears.

I hope your lovely faces had a swell christmas and new year, i know i did, i feel like i've eaten a child. Anyway, since i live away from merseyside when i'm at uni and i only got to go to back on boxing day, i was chocca-block trying to see everyone and seriously slacked on this here blog-amundo. For this i apologise.

Anyway, this will be my last apologetic post because from now on uni and blog are my priorities, i will only be going out out once a week and shalln't be troddling off to london anymore. Plus, new camera, new post genre; OUTFIT POSTS! Here are some photos i took over christmas with said 'new camera' YESSHH.
My first picture taken, it's a heart :D
 My golden lab, Mable; Christmas decky, messing about with the effects.
View from my window; Bowl of orange peel, messing with the effects again!
Models own christmas present :)
Mable again; Malteeeaaaasers
Soap & Glory pressie; Present from Jack
Starbucks related chrismabob present off of Jack

Although 2010 was a pretty sucky year, for obvious reasons, i do have the following things to thank it for;

Realising just how important life is, not to take it or people in it for granted and accepting the fact that sometimes good things have to fall apart, for better things to fall into place.

Voodle. It started off as a place to vent my greif and opinions, and is now one of the best things i've ever done, introducing me to some awesome people like Sarah, GemDottie and Purdey.

Changing a friendship of ten years into something more. Jack is now my boyfriend.

Now it's all over and 2011 has begun, there's only one thing i can do, look forward to the great events that this year will bring.

New York for the summer followed by Route 66 with Zoe.

Finishing my first year of forensic science and CSI and starting my second.

Plenty more good times with Jack.

Well this is my first scheduled post so hopefully it will post at around three pm tomorrow (today), before i'm back from a huge whopping job hunt! Tomorrows post will be of how i spent New Year in London with Jack, and all the goodies i bagged in the sales.

Also, i noticed i got a few new readers over the festive period, so:

Welcome to Voodle, good to have you here, have a biscuit.

P & L