Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Will you go to the dance with me?

Urban Outfitters £75
Urban Outfitters £38
 I haven't really been doing much fashion research lately but I have this huge urge to go mad for grandpa leather satchels, maroons, dark denim and chunky knitwear. When I think about what I just typed, the image of american college attire sprung to mind. It's quite possibly because last Friday I fell in love with a varsity bomber jacket (left) in UO but thought my student overdraft had already taken enough hits for one day, since then I haven't stopped thinking about my jacket-y love - even though it is incredibly simple, that's what I love about it. I do hope all the american college retro attire re-becomes a phenomenon because, as we've previously established, I darn love anything retro.

Of course though I'm not going to be packing my floordrobe with just these things just yet, after-all, it is technically still summer. So for now I think I'm going to stick predominately with oversized tees, leggings and pumps or mix-matched florals and prints with light denim and ease it all in. However, I'm going shopping tomorrow (technically today), Friday and Saturday for 'uni' clothes so I can't promise that an obscene amount will not be spent on american retro goodies.

Who needs food right?

P & L

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