Friday, 6 August 2010

Top of the Pops

I am a sucker for boutique stores and I can't go past one without being somewhat surreally levitated away from my path, and next thing I know, I'm inside being weighed down by forty hangers on my arm. This being the tragic, bank battering case, one of my favourite places is Pop Boutique - swooning with attire based on the 60's, 70's and 80's.

The only branch of the store I've been in (so far) is the one in Liverpool, however, Pop has four more uniquely packed establishments, one in London, Manchester, Leeds and Sweden - brilliant.

My first purchase from my now favourite boutique was three years ago and came in the form of a black and gold chain bag, since then it's been purchase central at Pop Boutique. Although the accessories in the store are very limited, the affordable clothing more than makes up for it, the majority is hand made by fashion students and graduates from nearby Universities, making each store different and the style of clothes more adapted to the trend of the city.

There's not many pictures I can post on here because the website doesn't offer a lot to buy online, obviously being a boutique, but guaranteed, you go in, you're coming out with a bagful. I do love high-street stores and mainstream fashion but knowing that the dress you're wearing is one of a kind and hasn't been mass produced is enlightening.

I would recommend that everyone gets their vintage hunting boot-ays to their nearest boutique which is bound to be bursting with one of a kind, retro goodies.

I even have a 'Pop' tea cup - dedication.

Signing off for the weekend.
P & L

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