Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kings of Leon? We'll see.

Possible album cover
I used to be a massive fan of Kings of Leon, I had all three albums and even went to see them in America in 2005 for around $7, that was until 'We Own The Night' came screaming into the charts and straight onto the phones of chavs on busses everywhere two years ago. It wasn't just the fact that 'Sex on fire' was being played about seventeen times a night in a chav-esque club in Wrexham - It was quite a good record. It was that the foursome became so undesirably arrogant and even started falling out with each other over royalties, and following a screaming breakdown from the lead-singer in 2009, there were numerous rumors of the band splitting. Although to be honest, I didn't buy the fourth album they released because I didn't like it - it was a lot lighter than their usual Southern rock-influenced sound - but the moment KOL were evicted from my heart and CD collection, was when shell suit disgustingtons started playing club mixes of their high profile records out loud on public transport, disturbing my humble journey. Despite this, I'm actually quite excited about the release of their fifth album 'Come Around Sundown', which will hit UK shelves 18th October '10 and a day later for the US, to see if the boys have had a chance to calm down, deflate their egos and return to classic Kings - If not, it'll be a blast watching their slow demise... again.


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  1. i still haven't bought come around sundown, is it any good?

    I love their old stuff, can't believe you saw them for $7 you lucky thing. but when sex on fire came out i was pretty sure KOL were the new Nickleback.

    i have an awesome mp3 mashup of KOL + Lykke Li, sounds dodgy but it's delicious. i'll email it to you if i can find your email around here somewhere!

    xxxdotston dothena


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