Friday, 13 August 2010

No sleep, drink & Urban Outfitters

Ok, so, I've been major MIA lately because it's been the busiest week ever, I didn't even realize how busy it was until it was happening. Anyhoodles, I broke my fundamental rule of going into UO and looking at clothes, it did not end well, I spent a depressing £80; that's like a weeks worth of food now student-life is closing in. Oh oh oh we ventured to the male department though and bought a load of t-shirts (pictured) which was brilliant, a necklace and a bracelet, all of which I nearly sat on said items' faces' - fantasmic.

...again, purchased. cheers.
Do you know what I've never realised; UO sell G-star. My respect-ometer has gone down respectively, I hate that make; it's vile, chav wear and that's all it can aspire to be, I don't even think Urbs can make it cool - sorry. However, the tee pictured on the right (not G-star), homing in at a cool £9.99 just melts my heart. Oh yeah, I really wanted some round lensed sunglasses (John Lennon style) but my cousin, who owes me a pair of sunglasses, refused to buy me them because they "look stupid" - how naive? Geez. Buy me them, they're only £2 on ebay; to quote Napolean Dynamite "gawd, idiot".

...finally, purchased too.
Armed with my three tees, a bracelet and a necklace, we plodded to American Apparel, where, as usual, I was mildly interested and only found the sunglasses impressive (round frames where on display - proving my cousin wrong). I'm not sure what it is about AmAp but I just don't find it riveting - but it is good for the basics. We had a good look around, avoided chavs to the best of our ability then got a Lobster pot and ventured home rich with t-shirts, accessories and bbq chicken but lacking in dollars - sweet - budget drinks with Charlotte tonight.

I may be drunk right now, but I am quite un-meh - yes, that is a standard measurement of mental status. I plan to spend tomorrow by the sea or doing much other pointless activities as Saturday's are gay. Everyone knows where to find me; come say 'hi' 158th square from the first bin.

Ps. Miss you Faye; still rep-ping the odd socks, as we always said we would, people question, but they don't know.

P & L

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