Thursday, 26 August 2010

here comes the delivery...

This morning started off quite sad; saying goodbye to a chum who (as of now) wont be returning to "our little town by the sea", although it didn't seem that sad at the time, because 2010 has made me emotionally numb and there's so much going on in la vida Emma, i think it may hit me one day in the near future. i promised myself i would never get close to anyone, mainly because i'm a very emotionally detached person, but also because i just can't deal with people leaving my life before i'm ready for them to anymore - especially again in 2010 - but i did, and they left.

So i arrived home, had the shit scared out of me by my dad being right by the door when i walked in, looked in the cupboard at around fourteen tins of beans - reminding me i'm going back to uni, then sat down (bean-less) for ten minutes before answering the door to a glorious Urban Outfitters box. torn open with baby scissors, it was not long before i was involved in a living room catwalk situation; guest-list including me, my new clothes and mr mirror.

After my delivery, the day is looking up already; going shopping with my air-hostess amigo, drinks later with my tall amigo, then before i know it it'll be Friday and i'll be riding the rail to go and see my Zante amigos in bristol before jetting off to Magaluf with them.

It's a rarity that i even look past a few days in the future - one of my favourite quotes being; "dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow" - James Dean, unless it's something i need to plan for i.e New York, but this is one of those odd occasions where i'm just looking towards the future.

When i touch back down in England, i get to travel around london for five days, seeing friends i haven't seen for a while and bearded amigo - which i'm looking forward to. then when i return to the north west, it's back to uni time; time to rekindle my relationship with H&B, Lidl and sunday 3.30pm at ASDA. i'm really looking forward to it though, despite the fact i have to learn things, but time in uni goes unusually fast, and before I know it, it'll be summer again; time for New York life, route 66 and hopefully lots of huge smiles on my face.

Every cloud...

P & L

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