Monday, 23 August 2010

"I need this for Uni...honest"

It's Sunday and I got my student overdraft re-approved for the year last week and I've gone shopping mad. Admittedly, I loved every second of it; but now I'm sitting here watching the hills have eyes which definitely seems like a walk in the park when I picture my room which I haven't properly been in for two days, only to throw any new bags packed with garms in. It's going to be guilt central when I'm putting it all away, as well as when my bank statement comes through; but hey, "I need it for Uni". Unusually, I had my bargain eyes on and managed to bag quite a few budget garms, with only the odd splurge; maybe I'm trying to justify my latest purchases to myself now, which my bearded amigo said 'is a sign of addiction', so I'll get on with it...'s what I spent my food money on:-
It may look tacky but it goes
ok with t-shirts - as long as
 the waistband doesn't show,
and at £4, it was rude not to;
bargainicious-ness at Tesco.

Who needs to spend forty
squids on a Casio when you
can bag a retro wrist buddy
from ASDA for a measly fiver.

I can't seem to go into Urbs
without purchasing some tees
from the male department,
Saturday was no exception.
Also, whilst I was in Urban outfitters, fighting the urge to lick everything; I got a Bill Crosby style, retro, chunky, knitted cardigan for a massively underpriced £30. I actually love it, it's beautiful, but unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures online. 

Then tonight, through sheer boredom, I went onto UO website, being alone and high on milkyway magic stars therefore clearly not thinking straight (money-wise), I got the following:-

It is now Monday - long blog entry - H&M also fell victim to my shopping spree, I took away with me a black and red, floral, canvas, tote bag for a cool £12.99 and a plain dark purple skirt for £2.99. I couldn't find pictures of either of these things because I've only just found out how pointlessly frustrating the H&M website is. You can't browse the clothes, they don't have prices; all they have are fashion articles, a selection of garms that are in store and a store locator. It's a clothes store - geez, show some damn clothes.

Also on my credit card fueled adventure, I moseyed on into Topshop and got...
I also tried on these £22
 canvas bad-boys but didn't
 get them because I'm
shopping around for a
decent pair of staple
hi-top shoes.
...this clockette necklace
for £10 which I immediately
 broke when it smashed
 against my car door,
creating a crack across
the face - darn.

Conveniently bringing me to my shoe confusion dilemma - I know I definitely want hi tops but I'm not sure which sneaker path to go down. The following are the finalists in my shoe-y contest:-

Reebok Freestyle Hi in white averaging at around £44. 

Cream converse skating in at like £25-£35. I love them, they're beautiful but they're so common now.

So yeah, there's these and maybe some white Nike high tops. Not overly sure on the Nikes though because I like the boys line but think they look a bit manly and all the girls ones are lame. Shoe shopping is my week point because I know very little about shoes - despite me being a girl - but I'll come to a decision soon enough.

So here I sit, snuffling for England, Grey's Anatomy box set on 'Play all' and a trusted, kind hearted, yet hairy amigo cooking me a sausage sarnie with no sauce. Weather is miserable but a journey to Chester on the train is essential to my social life, as Wallasey has been my predominant location for the past two weeks, wow; that may be the most depressing 11 words I've ever written. Friday cannot come fast enough, then it's all uphill from there.

P & L

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