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christmas time, topshop and wine

For those of you who read 'deck your halls with frocks from asos', you'll know what i'm doing over the next few weeks, for those of you who haven't here's a brief overview of what's going down init *totally street*. Christmas is that time of year where looking glam is expected, people looking fabulous are thrusted upon our eyes making us that more aware of how we dress and the pressure to live up to the super stylish standards of this holiday. So i'm scoping out all of the high street online stock, chucking out all the riff raff and posting all the goodies i find here, sort of like an online exclusive nightclub. So sit back with a mince pie, while i do all the hard work so you don't have to, splendid.

Next? I was going to do Allsaints after a comment from Ray suggesting i do so, so i checked it out but there was nothing wearable below £100, so i wouldn't have had much to write about so i chose to give topshop's dress section a whirl. I was rather impressed, array of colours, nicest dress starting at £26. Topshop, are you feeling okay? I'm not usually a topshop regular, because i prefer thrifting, i begrudge paying an obscene amount when i know i can get it for cheaper. Anyway, here are my findings:

spare change - £20-£39
    |      oo1. £28        |       oo2. £29        |       oo3. £30      |      oo4. £30      |       oo5. £32     |    oo6. £32     |
|    oo7. £32       |       oo8. £34      |      oo9. £35       |       o10. £35         |       o11. £36       |       o12. £38       |

Kudos to Topshop, this was very difficult and i actually had to push a few out to squeeze some nicer ones in, it was quite the task. I managed to pick my favourite however, i just love how number oo4 is so laid back and simple in a block colour, like a blank canvas. Here's how i'd wear it:
Dress £30   |   Ring £7.50   |  Tights £8.50   |   Bracelet £12.50   |   Shoes £62   |   Cameo £12.50   |   Shrug £25   |   Bag £20
Total = £168

Quite expensive, but considering the whole outfit is from topshop, still quite cheap. Plus, the shoes are the most expensive item, you could probably find a lower priced twin and drag that price right down. I think i'm just going to buy that dress for the sheer lust i have for it, and the fact it's only thirty pound-a-mundos, bargain!

if you've got the doe - £40-59
|        o13. £40        |      o14. £40     |      o15. £42      |     o16. £45       |      o17. £45        |      o18. £46      |
|        o19. £48        |      o20. £48      |      o21. £50        |     o22. £55      |      o23. £56        |      o24. £56      |

Once again i'm pretty much IN LOVE with all of these, especially o21, but because i used a similar coloured one for the first one, i'll opt for number o16.
Dress £45  |  Ring £7.50  |  Feather cape £75  |  Shoes £100  |  Fabric necklace £14  |  Bag £35
Total = £276.50

I love this outfit, i'm obsessed with socks and sandals, albeit this isn't quite sandals and socks but this is the winter version right? I saw a girl in flip flops in chester last thursday while i was people watching in mcdonalds, she had a huge fur coat on though, i had to take a second glance and i nearly spat out my festive pie.

if food isn't important - £60-£150
|        o25. £60        |       o26. £60            |    o27. £65      |     o28. £65      |      o29. £65         |    o30. £75      |
|        o31. £75      |      o32. £75        |      o33. £79    |     o34. £85       |      o35. £95          |      o36. £150      |

Oh my god, this one took me ages, which i'm surprised about because when dosh is no object, i trolley off and get it within minutes. But this one was very hard, every time i picked a dress to do, i'd struggle on a certain section like jewellery or shoes so i'd pick another dress. This is what i eventually came up with though, très bon, if not a bit sickly matching.
|  Dress £65  |  Bracelet £18.50  |  Shoes £80  |  Necklace £15  |  Shoulder chain £40  |Earrings £12.50  |  Ring £5  |  Bag £65  |
Total = £301
See what i mean about the sickly matchingness? I do, but i still like it, think it'd look cute. Doing my usual riff raff sieving of topshop was one of the hardest i've ever done, i had to resist putting every single dress in, almost buying a mortgage worth and i was surprised at how cheap the dresses started; they weren't even half arse dresses in the low price range, in fact, i think i'll get about three of them and parade around telling people they were four thousand pound each. And all let's not forget, it's free UK delivery over £75, perfect excuse. Very impressed topshop, very impressed.

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  1. #018, my god. I had a look at the all saints website, their stuff is amazing, but really expensive. For some reason their denim is cheap?

    I will be in Birmingham around the 8th of Jan for 2 or 3 days. Coffeeeee

  2. I love 018 and 034, but the latter especially is a bit too pricey for me. Nice selection, I just bought a party dress from Asos what with free shipping and 20% off etc. Really like the socks and sandal looks you've done, the colour of that dress is lurvely xx

  3. Wow I don't even have to leave the house or browse oline, you've got some fantastic pics on here, thanks for solving my Festive party shopping :) xxx

  4. Great post. I've been looking at party dresses myself and couldn't find anything I liked at Topshop within my price range, so great picks here (I narrowed my choices down to 4 checkout my post if you want)
    I think my favourite set is the last one, of course it has to be the most expensive (btw I think you got the total wrong :))

  5. hahaha, i love that. i food isn't important. so many pretty dresses here, i could do some serious damage to my account. i think i need something sparkly now :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  6. Oooh I think the last dressed that you styled would look lovely on - it looks like it would hang beautifully. I also luuurve num 18 and have been eyeing up their 60s chiffon dresses for a while now.

  7. Oooh I love oo8 and I want to try on o23! Also, the black heels and stocking tights, MUST HAvE THEM! You've really taken the hassle out of shopping Topshop online! I never shop instore in Ireland, the pound/euro is so ridiculous! If I buy online I get the proper exchange rate, happy-ish days! I told my mum today I was going to make a wishlist and she could pick from it for my Christmas pressies, she told me to just write it down! I might just direct her to Voodle! ;)

    P.S Totally lusting after that feather capelet! I was going to buy a feather collar but then realised I might look like a crossbreed between an American footballer and a bird...!

    Burn the Blonde

  8. I absolutely adore number 27, I've had my eye on it for a while but it's just too expensive!! Love the feather cape too! x

  9. Hello Lovely :) Fab post as always, I really love dress number 1 and the last outfit you put together especially x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  10. Great post! I admit i do love topshop a lot, but sometimes i just think why is this piece so expensive? but i LOVE number 16 in group 2, i know someone who had a lovely nude colour of that but i don't think they sell it anymore. It's great though! xxx

  11. i love the 3rd outfit combo. but wow, such nice dresses!

  12. Ahh, thank you so much! That means a lot to me :) I think I was trying to make a funny face in that photo, hahaha! I tell this to everyone who lives in the UK, but it's true: I'm so jealous you live there! How's the snow?!

    By the way, I love how you name your sections, like "spare change", and "if food isn't important", haha. So catchy! I like #5 :)

  13. HA! The word verifications always make me smile they are kinda like half word wannabes! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  14. Awesome dress, I love the way you've styled the dresses you picked out ;)

  15. voodle, you never cease to amazzee. i want to prance around in that feather cape with you in NEW YORK.

    your £301 set is stunning. every once in awhile you gotta go for the matchy matchy. tres lush.

    lots of love <3 xx

  16. oh wow this is such an awesome post! thank you for picking out such great dresses, this will help me when i head to london for xmas :) you have such a lovely blog, would you like to follow each other?

    love, M

  17. I love all of this!!!!!

    visit my blog if you like and follow me please!<3



  18. i really like this post, you like alot of things i like, becuase the dresses you chose as your favs i probably would of chosen too!

  19. i love the dresses you've chosen!
    nicee blog! (:



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