Thursday, 25 November 2010

evenin' gavnah

First of all, sorry about the HORRENDOUS photo quality, i used my webcam as i still do not have my damn camera! Oh, and while i'm apologising, sorry about my face. Anyhoo, chester was the victim today, i attacked that bad boy with a bowler hat, casio and scrabble rings spelling 'hi' - old skool. Bought a load of stuff from primark actually, and noticed that the prices have gone up tremendously, what's their fascination with £11? I wore a velvet dress with tights and knee highs, i think demonstrating that was the purpose for the fourth picture, talk about failure. I look like a loopy person.

Moving swiftly on. I got nominated for a most versatile blog award by my dearest Purdey over at Kittenish Behaviour, i'd like to publicly thank her as it means alot, and i'll be nominating mine soon!

Short blog post for now, as i haven't eaten for most of the day, and because of late night shopping, i didn't get in until ten so i'm having my tea with the crickets and owls.

P & L


  1. The bowler looks ahhhmazing on you! The last picture confused me for a min; I thought you were holding your arm and you had a massive armpit. Hilarious, what an idiot I am! I'm going for knee highs and tights tomozza, way too nippy noodles!

  2. Love your hat and your rings are fab! You look fab if a little blurry ;). I'm looking forward to reading your seven things, I always enjoy reading your blog your style of writing is great x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  3. stunning pictures


  4. cute photos and rings :) primark prices are definitely slowly rising but its still so much cheaper then anywhere else! x

  5. adorable statment ring !!
    wanna follow each other dear ?

  6. this post was so cute. i love your hat and the scrabble rings. made me smile
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  7. very cute blog. I like it

    followed you Ms. New Yorker ^^

    Pls follow me too at:

  8. I love your blog, not just saying it, I'm now a loyal follower I promise! Those photos are so funny! The Scrabble rings are really doing the rounds aren't they, I have one too!

    Sarah from Burn the Blonde XXXX

    P.S Just replied to you on IFB about the button!

  9. loving ur scrabble hi! I have just tagged u in a post girlie!

    looking gorge in these pics xxxx

  10. Cute photos! :) I love your hat, it looks so great on you! xoxo

  11. Love the rings you got! And cute webcam collage

  12. Cute photos (: Loving the bowler hat and the scrabble rings. Gotta love a bit of Primarni too. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. these pictures are real cute, nice outfit & scrabble rings!!
    courtney xx

  14. Nice hat :) Those rings are really cute. I got a scrabble piece necklace in Camden but it broke :( Do NOT apologize for your face. You have a nice face.

  15. You're blog is adorable! And you're so pretty. I love you bowler hat :)
    Love & Labels

  16. ha ha so funny as I was in Primark the other day and noticed everything was £11 I did find a cardigan for £7 which looked like it should of been £11 lol xoxo

  17. love these pics, you're amazing <3 <3

  18. ahhh you're from merseyside?!
    I'm from Manchester!!
    I just found your blog through dotti's blog :]]
    I'd love you to check out my blog- I'm currently on a year abroad in Minnesota, USA but am very much missing my northern roots :]]
    I am following your blog- it looks awesome :]]

    Charlotte xxx


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