Thursday, 2 December 2010

there 'snow business like blog business

Just a little post today to say, spanks for putting my blog badge on your page, it's very appreciated and means a bloody lot:-
Jack of BLHB
Gemma of From Gem With Love
Rose of rosedl
Sarah of Burn the Blonde
Sammy of Snap Happy Sammy
Sammy of The cookie button
Amaris of Find Beauty in Everything
Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour

I'll be sure to buy you an ice cream one day and eat it with you on the swings, or make you hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, depends on the season and if you can have dairy. (If i've missed you out, just throw something of significant size at my shin and i shall add you in).

Also, a huge whopping thankyou to Sarah from Burn the Blonde, who helped me a lot via. e-mail earlier this week. As you all may know, i'm going to New York for the summer next year, and i'm practically shitting it because the website is so vague and i can't get in touch with anyone i know who's done it. Enter Sarah. After posting a comment stating seven things about me, one of them being about going to New York, Sarah commented telling me she'd done the whole Manhattan summer thing and would love to give me the ins and outs of her adventure. She answered all my questions in unexpected - and appreciated - detail, hereby turning all of my fears into excitement, and giving me basically a helpful must-do list before i go. If you haven't checked out her blog Burn the Blonde already, what the shit are you waiting for, It's awesome.

I heart Sarah.

While i'm pointing out blogs that are frickin' sexual, i'd like to point you frantically towards the following blog bombshells:-
Asha of photo-booth killer - Stunning Aussie girl, plenty of outfit posts and opinions.
Gem of From Gem with Love - Amazing chickie; diary-esque blog with plenty of photos; always touches on important subjects.
Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour - Gorgeous uptown girl, plenty of outfit posts, touch of do it herself dress making and tons of hilarious and cringey online dating stories (which i lurve).

To top off this post, this super amazing post (ahem), here's the christmasiest (yeah, i just made up a word, and what?) video i could find..

P & L


  1. Thanks for mentioning me, i would love to drink hot chocolate and watch muppets would be a laugh! xo

  2. I ♥ Emma with all my ♥ and I have lots more email goodies for you! Oh yes, there's more unexpected detail to come!

    Burn the Blonde

  3. I absolutely fucking ove you bird, you make me smile all the TIME. Nuff luvvv sistaaaaaaaa sledge xxx

  4. Awwww thank you very much Lovely!
    I'm intrigued about your summer in New York do tell if you can? x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. loved this pot!
    hopefully you'll have a fnatastic summer in new york!!xx

  6. AWWWWWW!! You are too amazing. I can't wait to meet you!

  7. That sounds so cool! I've never been to New York but always wanted to go, cupcakes and cocktails sound fab count me in! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  8. Glad you got some help for your trip, I know how scary moving somewhere totally different can be!
    Yay for Muppets Christmas Carol! xx

  9. I've always wanted to go to New York but I guess admiring it from a far is totally different to actually going. I would want to be prepared, so am glad you got some info.
    So jealous of the hot chocolate and marshmellows, will have to make myself some tonight YUM!

  10. i also want to know about summer in NY im going for the 3rd tme but my heart lives there! xx

  11. Aaah, I'm so jealous of you going to New York! I'm hoping to go after uni but who knows? Glad you're going to be prepared for it!


  12. ny ny <3

    everything you write is gorgeous like the icing bit on cupcakes. doesn't matter what you're writing about - you always make it interesting. wish you would show me your ways :)

    your LV bag from turkey sounds amazee. I failed to mention a certain fake Versace wallet from Egypt that i've been using for the past 3 doesn't have any branding on it but it's just like your Turkey LV....sturdy, cool, and durable as hell for only a couple quid. i love it haha xx

  13. LOLS yes I'm loving Sarah's "Mummy button and Baby button" comment!
    It's weird what are deal breakers for people but you can't help how you feel I guess x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  14. AHH, you are so sweet ♥ Thank you for adding me in your post! I tagged you in a questions thing on my blog, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Just for fun! And I would LOVE to drink hot chocolate and watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, hehe =)

  15. HE IS. Oh my goodness ... so does that mean you watch One Tree Hill?! Cause whenever I tell people about him, they don't really know who he is because they haven't seen the show!

  16. i love that a blogger helped you with nyc, i love the great friendships formed from blogging! hope u have an amazing time! im hoping to move there in 18months and imalready nervous!! :) x

  17. It was my pleasure to display you blog button on my blog :-)


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