Wednesday, 17 November 2010

i still need you but i don't want you now

15/11/10 - are you gonna be my girl?
Pussy-bow shirt - H&M
Necklace (worn as a bracelet) - Dotty P's
Monday was interesting. I only had three hours sleep on the sunday night, followed by a nine to five day at uni, but still managed to throw on a H&M polka dot number and velvet skirt and was in chester by seven sipping cosmo's. I took a fashion chance too, i wore opaque black tights, grey ankle socks and wedge heel shoe boots. At first i was really reluctant to wear the socks with the shoes, i only discovered them by accident when i had my tights and socks on from uni and tried my heels on to compare heights with my chum and thought it actually looked quite good, so i went out in them because i knew i could always take them off. After i received quite a few compliments on my outlandish footwear and accessories, i was able to relax and embrace the success of my risque move. (Sorry about the rubbish photo quality, my nokia is a bit of a knobhead).

11/11/10 - so here i am, alive at last
I spent far too much money last thursday, my student loan finally came through, so i hit chester with my bestie like a woman possessed. I'm someone who doesn't like trying things on in changing rooms (often at my own peril), partially because i think trying on things before you purchase them makes you think more objectively about buying it, and partially because i can never be physically arsed. So in H&M i dropped eighty four pounds and ended up swapping about half of that after finally trying it all on in primark, i spilled strawberry smoothie all down my top so i had to change into something, so i thought i might aswell try it all on whilst i was semi nakey anyway. I caught up with the bez, who i haven't seen for yonks, found out some immense gossip which inspired her to give me a new nickname (i wont say what). We filled our shoe boots at the lunchtime buffet at pizza hut before baring witness to a raid outside the train station, a boy in the car next to us said it was "something to do with the EDL", that helped in no way at all but it was fun to watch. I'll try and do some outfit posts soon to show all of the new garms i've been getting, i need a good camera though, and a decent background - below is my last attempt :/
You can't really see the colours properly, not even the plait on the belt, plus there's a distracting monkey teddy on top of my wardrobe! My hair doesn't usually look like that either, i'd been rained on and blown all over the show all day.

15/11/10 - teenage dirtbag baby
Uni is going superbly, a little boring though at the moment, and i've just been given like a gazillion words to do in two weeks. But i pretty much know everyone in the class, the teacher likes me, and i've been asked out on nights out. First year of forensics hasn't been a patch on first year of business, no-one really goes out that much, and i have yet to find myself on an unknown couch. It really makes me miss the business crew, we were all really good friends and it was a more intense first year, meeting deadlines and going out every night, yet i'm sort of glad because i really want a career out of this course. I guess it's win/win because i'll get an awesome grade in a subject i love, but i've still experienced the riff raff moments of being a first year student!

14/11/10 - she's a woman, you know what i mean
For those of you who follow me on twitter, you'll know that i hastily bought a fur coat off of ebay on sunday, it hasn't come yet but i'm excited. I don't know if i'll like it as i only had fourty seconds to decide and it was only nineteen pound, i may do a 'keep or sell' post and let you all decide, mwahaha.  

the taste of ink is getting old

Fellow blogger, hannah posted photos of tattoos on saturday, and this one caught my eye. I really want the swallows on either the back of my neck or on my foot, i'm not really sure, but i've always been too scared to get tattoos because i'm fickle.

you could be my someone, you could be my scene
I get to see jack on thursday, i'm picking him up from liverpool limestreet, so we can have a "gay train station moment" *secretly looking forward to the gayness*. It's his birthday on sunday, then he goes back to london, but i'm spending new years in our capital so i'll sure as hell see him then - HURRAH.

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  1. the used <3 dont be scared of tatts they hurt for a bit then you have beautiful art on your body and its all worth it!

  2. LOVE those tattoos! I want them :)
    love the blouse too! x

  3. I love the 'live' tattoo! It looks so cute! Yet another pussy-bow to add to the collection eh? ;) I wore my Primark one I posted about and it looked amazing :D Everyone thought it was from Topshop! xD

  4. I know what you mean about trying things on in the shops, I can never be bothered either but have started making myself do it so I don't have to take so much stuff back!
    Loving those tattoo's but if you change your mind loads about what you want maybe hold off for a while! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. Just stumbled across your blog.. I LIKE!
    Did the coat arrive ? I bought a faux fur vintage and it's the best bloody thing I have purchased this year it's sooo cold!! xx

  6. teenage dirtbag!! I <3 that tune!

  7. Loving the polka dot pussy bow blouse! I'll say KEEP the fur, even before it arrives! Looks nice in this photo anyway!

  8. Your tattoos are so pretty! *_*
    ...and I love so much your shirt with pois, in the first pic.

  9. loving the first pic you look great. im obsessed ith cosmopolitans haha

    loving the wee bird tattoo have been swayin with the idea of getting swallows and / or a new tattoo. think im gonna do it! haha xxxxxxx

  10. mm pizza hut ;) look so glam in your first pic. love it.

    haha your happy lab doodles :D

    let me know if you get inked haha i don't think i'll everrrrr be able to commit to one idea.

    THE USED<3 . blue & yellow! blast from the past indeed.

    I made a twitter account today! I have like three friends on there hah bad times, follow each other?


  11. hahahahah, know why I couldn't find it? Didn't scroll to the bottom of the page. Anyway, your blog is great, and I am following you. On Twitter too now, apparently.
    Btw, is Merseyside anywhere near Leicester?

  12. Yesss those tattoos are so nice!

    I really want one too but I can't decide what or where :/ Those birds really are lovely though.

    I love that t-shirt. I've been having the same problem with outfit post backgrounds. I've settled on a strange looking airing cupboard door photoshopped a bit :/

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I fully reccommend a Topshop cardigan :)

    Chloe... x

  13. Hey Hun, you can get the Scum Monkey story here .... ..... enjoy! x

  14. You sound like you had a fun shopping trip. I am also loving the sound of the tights socks and wedge combo might have to give it a whirl. I want a tat on my wrist but I am stuck on a design the swallows are cute xoxo


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