Saturday, 6 November 2010

first picks

Usually, i'm not a massive fan of topshop, it's so generic and overpriced and everyone always ends up wearing the same stuff and looking the same. However, the 'new in' section online, is pretty impressive and here are a few of my favourites:
                (001)                        (002)                         (003)                        (004)                        (005)

001. I don't really like scarves with tassels, i think they make them look cheap, but i like this wooly bugger. It's a
       gasp worthy £26 though, who on earth would pay that for a scarf?
002. I'm actually in love with this mesh cape shirt, i love the colour and the floatiness. It's so damn pretty i want to
       cry. It's garms like this that i love about topshop, just when you're about to leave the store because they're
       charging 26 whole pounds for a scarf, you see this beauty for just 4 pound more - bargain!
003. The only way i can go out in the winter, without looking like an idiot, is by wearing either tights, jeans or leggins.
       So the fact knee-high knits are in this winter, excites me greatly. At 18 big ones per pair, i may get similar
       somewhere else, but still a gorgeous product.
004. Ask my boyfriend, every time i've entered urban outfitters lately, i've been lusting after the chunky cardi's they
       have in there. However, due to my lack of student loan and the fact that they are priced at over £60, all i could do
       was perv and leave knit-less. This knitted number is only £48, although still a bit pricey, i definitely think that
       topshop does quality knitwear. I once bought a wooly jumper from primark, and after a week, i threw it out, it
       went all bobbley and stretched.
005. Just another projection of my love for printed t-shirts. Only 18 squideroonies too, definite purchase.

 (006)                          (007)                      (008)                          (009)                         (010)

006. I love burnt orange this season, and the style is so simple yet pretty, it's like a blank canvas as it can be worn in
       so many different ways. At £35 though, definitely overpriced and you could probably pick up a look-a-like in H&M
       and the likes for half the price.
007. My love for coloured tights shining through, i bought a green pair from dorothy perkins last week in London, but
       i've only worn them once. I've always been programmed to wear the same colour tights as shoes, so i'm sort of
       still getting the hang of coloured tights, but i'll get there! Good colour though, £10.
008. Urgh, this dress is too pretty, i must have it in my life. I don't like the feel of wearing chiffon though, it makes me
       itch, but the pattern on this dress is just delish. £75 though, definitely get it at half the price somewhere else, i
       honestly don't get the pricing at topshop, it makes absolutely no sense.
009. I may just sell my mother for these feet huggers. They're so chunky and expensive looking, they also look like
       they'd last for a while, and look so comfy (they're probably not). £100, i think, is quite reasonable considering the
       quality and the timelessness of them.
010. Peter pan collars are everywhere, and i've done nothing but moan to the man-chum every time i see them,
       because i can't pull them off due to the two rounded obstructions six inches south of my chin. However, i can
       still admire, and this £32 number is eye-candy land.

(011)                           (012)                        (013)                        (014)                         (015)

011. Just your average £20 tee, but it's simple, i like the colours and good for layering i think.
012. I don't know whether i like this or not, i mean it's pretty, but i think it looks a bit funerally. If i was to ever wear 
       this, there'd have to be some serious colour injection, via either coloured tights, scarves or shoes.
013. This is so pretty and versatile, it looks so expensive and girly (j'adore long sleeves), yet i think it would be so
       easy to wear it wrong. I'd probably go for black tights and tan brogues with a fur coat, that's if i'd even ever buy it
       though, £75 for some chiffon and pearls? No thanks, i have yet to start crapping money.
014. This is cute, however i don't like the short sleeves, it restricts its versatility. I do like shirts at the moment
       though, i bought a red, black and green floral one for £12.99 a few weeks ago and i've worn it in all different
       ways, £32 for this one though.
015. Now i'm not sure exactly how much i like this, i think it's cute and i love the colour, but how to wear it? Noted,
       it's in the maternity range but it is nice and to take a blind shot at how to wear it, i'd wear it with black leather
       shorts, black tights and tan brogues, maybe? I don't know, it's only £32 though.

I'm halfway through all of the pages so i'll post the other half tomorrow because this is already a mahoosive post.

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  1. I really like the funeral-y dress (haha) and the maroon knitted tights! The shoes are also gorgeous but hideously expensive and I'd end up being about 6 foot 2. Humph.

  2. thanks for following!

    I totally agree with what you're saying about topshop..."topshop outfit - paint by numbers" ...see a lot of that haha.

    but i really love the shoes, 009. might invest!

    the shoes of mine you asked about are actually from river island! :O


  3. I'm so glad I checked out your profile! The detail in this post is astounding, hope you don't mind that I've bookmarked it! xx

  4. I love number 5! I also have a love for printed t-shirts haha. And the tights (number 7) are soo cute :) <3

  5. not atall! thanks for all the comments <3

  6. love the black shoes and the leather shorts from part 2.


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