Saturday, 20 November 2010

deck your halls with frocks from asos

It's that time of year, party season is around the corner, and i'm definitely feeling the pressure of finding the perfect glam outfit. I'm doing the whole thing online for now, because screw-me-silly im so frickin' ill, i have slim-to-no patience when it comes to shopping crowds, plus it's so much easier. When it comes to shopping online for a deadline, you have to start at least four weeks before (to allow for the delivery, returns and maybe some alterations), also i like to get the dress exactly right before i shop for anything else.

So basically, i'm going to start scoping out all things bright and beautiful on the most popular fashion websites, and then present my findings to my beautiful followers.

Starting with good ol' ASOS, i'll pick my favourite dress with matching jewellery and shoesies, for all price ranges. May i add, there's an amazing sale on at the moment which made it extra difficult, tons of absolutely stunning dresses for less than £30.

spare change - £22-£45
001. £22 | 002. £24 | 003. £28 | 004. £28 | 005. £28.50 | 006. £28.50
007. £32 | 008. £32 | 009. £38 | 010. £40 | 011. £38 | 012. £45 
Above are my favourites (so much love for 009 but for more of a daytime look), in a price range affordable to moi, however i'm going to choose one that would most suit my body shape and whack a bunch of jewellery and feet huggers next to it to create an outfit option for myself (and maybe some of you).
011. £38 | Body chain £32 | Bangle £6 | Shoes £25 | Clutch £17.50 | Ring £10
Total = 128.50

Some people may not agree that this is the best way to wear this dress, but i made it my aim to only use ASOS, and i would personally wear this outfit and feel super! I know the body chain is quite pricey, but i just love body chains, they add pizzazz in such an understated way and i think it'd go quite lovely with this mink coloured number. Anyhoooooooo, onwards we go.

if you've got the doe - £50-£75
013. 50 | 014. £50 | 015. £55 | 016. £55 | 017. £55 | 018. £55
019. £55 | 020. £55 | 021. £65 | 022. £70 | 023. £75 | 024. £75
I love the dollyness of the the last two, they're just adorable, yet very hard to do justice. It's quite noticeable the huge amount of long sleeved beauties i choose, i can't help it, i just bloody love them and chiffon. The one I choose i think is very understated, yet easily dressed up, overall the best investment as it could be worn as a daytime outfit.
020. £55 | 120 denier tights £6 | Cuff £30 | T-bar heels £40 | Owl pendant £8 | Vintage ring £12 | Clutch £65
Total = £216
This was quite an easy dress to do, i went for the turquoise and tan look, which i suppose is typical but i think it looks great. I like how this frock is so versatile, i could of gone in so many directions; turquoise and silver; turquoise and black; turquoise and grey etc., at one point i was going to try turquoise and red, based on the fact that i think this ring goes so well with it, but there just wasn't the right stuff online that i could use to make it work.

if food isn't important - £80-£199
025. £80 | 026. £80 | 027. £85 | 028. £85 | 029. £89.90 | 030. £110
031. £112 | 032. £128 | 033. 140 | 034. £165 | 035. £170 | 036. £199  
Usually, i'd never dream of buying dresses in this price range, unless the dress was sell-my-kidney stunning; but still, it's okay to admire from a distance, with my student overdraft firmly locked away in some sort of bullet/fire proof safe.
035. £170 | Spike wrap bracelet £100 | Suede shoe boot £125 | Gemstone ring £118 | Handbeaded bag £65 | Hoop necklace £135 | Faux fur coat £125
Total = £838
I love some of the pieces in this one, i love the dress like cheese on crackers, and the fur coat would be worth going without food for at least a week. Although it'll be a while before i can even dream of shopping in this price range, i just love looking through clothing websites pretending money isn't an issue, so i really enjoyed this one.

Kudos to ASOS, you beautifully stocked bastard, i'll be back soon to order my arse off. I'd love some suggestions from followers dearest, to see how they'd wear it, or if there's anything i've put in that they would 'remove from shopping basket' faster than ASDA's own smash.

Also, what website shall i violate next?

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  1. i love nr. 034! Love this post. Such inspiring.

  2. Haha you do make me laugh (remove from the shopping basket faster than Asda's own Smash ahaha). I like the long balloon sleeved dresses that are around at the mo too. The grey one is niiice, will have to snoop around ASOS at their dresses methinks!

  3. haha love the way you've laid it out 'if food wasn't important' great dresses! you've styled them really well too. love a bit of asos xxx

  4. I love your writing style. The turquoise and tan look is my favourite I think, although I think I wouldn't be able to resist buying the grey one too! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. I'm digging the feathery frock in the first group (012) and 035....layers like cake om nom nom.

    I've never worn a body chain, wtf? never even seen one. looks awesome.

    how cool is your bf for stealing your clothes haha, i love it. the only thing of mine my bf has ever stolen is a fake Chanel scarf from las vegas. he's been wearing it around all week and calling himself Chanella lol loser.

    I promise i'm not technologically inept but Twitter is a lonely confusing place hahaha. thank you for the ff I will try to tweet like no body's watching.

    and yeah steal all you want, cant wait to see your favs m'dear lots of love <3 <3

  6. Love the name of you post! It really made me chuckle! :) I love pretty much all of the dresses you picked, especially 031! Looks gawwwwjus :D

  7. this must have taken you ages,
    iactually quite like 35, xxx

    PS: i love your little caption: I'm going to live in New York next summer, come visit me and we'll have a picnic in Central Park.

    my dream aswell xx

  8. Wow!!! These are certainly amazing! I loved the dresses so much. I really liked number 015 and 035, they're fab fab fab! Thanks for your comment by the way! :)


  9. I love your title for the most expensive outfits.
    "If food isn't important" :-D
    made me smile. xx

  10. i looove number 1 it's in my saved items it's been there for about amonth but I'm just not too sure about the 1shoulder thing :( xx

  11. what would a woman be without asos? =)
    unfortunately i haven't got one vevet dress! should buy one =)

    xoxo Alanah

  12. I need number 27 in my life asap, I am actually logging onto asos now.... I wasn't supposed to be buying any new dresses until after christmas... balls to it. Just found your blog- you have a new follower.

    Oh and as for websites... go abuse allsaints next xxx

  13. Im loving almost all of the dresses, they look so pretty!
    I like your blog, its very interesting.
    when you have time, check my blog ;


  14. I love this post
    sadly none of them are in my budget but fingers crossed for christmas

  15. i would love every single one of thiose dresses! send them my way pls lol xxxxx

  16. Loving these pics! I love the hysteria over dresses at this time of year haha! Thanks for the comment, loving ur blog. saved it in my favourites! xxxx

  17. Love this post - 35 is my favourite but sadly I do not have £170 to splurge on a party dress this year. Boo.

    Sally x

  18. The second photo of selection is my fav. too cheap for a complete outfit ^^


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