Wednesday, 10 November 2010

dream a little dream of me

During my aimless wanderings, whether online or out and about, things always catch my eye yet they're not significant enough to dedicate a whole post to. So i'll let them accumulate in my little brain, then try and remember them all and regurgitate them here in one huge super post, i do have the short term memory of a fish though so i'll do my darnedest.
001. A photo i found when i was just browsing lookbook, the photo is of and by 19 year old art student, Rose A.

002. I'm not sure why i saved this one, someone posted it on facebook in one of those 'randoms' albums, i think it's kind of cheesy but i sort of like it.

003. Strangely enough, an online advert for Ikea which i saw and saved about a week ago!

004. A photo by and of one of my beautiful Voodlers, dottie, her blog is wonderful, check it out!

After looking at that in preview, it looks like dottie's legs belong to the picture above, totally accidental but made me laugh.

Anyhoodles, the top three most played on my spoftify this week are:

Absolutely LOVE this song, i will really never tire of hearing it, it's absolutely victorious! I've always liked Adele, i think she's totally stunning and her voice is just ridiculously perfect, which is so refreshing to hear; especially now that we're bombarded with 'entertainment' programmes, forcing 'talent' down our throats, what ever happened to becoming famous through good old hard work and genuine talent? *resists urge to rant on about the huge waste of air time The X-Factor is*

Mumford & Sons <3 their rise and rise this past year has been astounding. I remember listening to Lion Man back in summer '09, and i was an instant fan, since then it's just been uphill. I constantly bicker with the wife about Mumf&S; he says they're bland and unoriginal because they're tied to their genre and he doesn't like folk music (i think it's just because they're mainstream), i say that although they have influences, there is no one band that you can say they sound like. Anyways, i'm a believer that in some situations, it's not how good the music is, it's the state of mind you were in when you first got to know it and M&Sons got me through a massively tough time in March - so it's in my heart forever, despite what jack says!

I really like this song, even though it isn't new, it's so upbeat. And look at his boingy hair, he's adorable!

My student loan came through today! I'm so frustrated, for the last two weeks i've been tormenting myself looking online at stuff that i wanted, but didn't have the money to buy. So why now that i have it, have i been shopping online all day, and i can't find anything i want to spend it on! Maybe it's because the things i originally wanted aren't on sale anymore, or maybe i just have a huge case of the 'want what i can't have's; definitely the latter!

Another thing which i've been looking at, even though i haven't got the foggiest idea about, is digital slr cameras. I tried the other day to do an outfit post, but because i only have a 10mp digicam, it just looked silly and because my makeup reflects light, my face looked unusually white compared to the rest of me because of the flash! I only have around 300-400 smackers to spend on one, so does anyone know of any good ones? It'd only be for my blog, the forensic photography part of my course, and picture taking next summer in NYC. God i'm bloody rubbish at technology.

Sorry about todays post i know it's a little waffley, i'm still working on the river island review, but i'm getting seriously distracted by The Pride of Britain (n'awh) but it should be up tomorrow!

P & L


  1. Lovely pictures, I really like those Ikea wardrobe adverts makes me want everything in there!
    I know what you mean about shopping when you actually have money to spend, I never find anything when I'm in that position. So annoying! x
    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  2. Love a bit of Darwin Deez! Everytime he plays in Brizzle I miss him though! Doh. I like Mumford and Sons too, but then I'm partial to a bit of folk (do you like Laura Marling? She is EXQUISITE!)
    Haven't the foggiest about cameras, but looking forward to your outfit posts :)

  3. love those pictures, and the songs too!

  4. aww thanks for including me :) I like my frankenstein look with the shirtless man, somehow it works.

    love darwin deez...his whole album is so good. hate to say it but this year's x-factor is actually pretty good....embrace the naff popculture explosion! (rebecca sounds a lot like Adele/norah jones)

    as to your question about the cameras...I borrow a camera from my university's library but I'm really keen to get my own. it's a Nikon D40 and i think you can get them off ebay for £250-£300.

    that pic is indeed in brick lane haha! and it's just taken on my digital camera which is ok if i take it during the day without the flash. i edited that pic on site if you're bored.

    good post as always :) look forward to your outfit diary!


  5. You're a forensic scientist?! For real?

  6. @Alyse K. i'm only studying it in university right now, but hopefully, one day :)

  7. Awwh absolutely love all your music choices :) Your blog is really sweet! new follower

    R x

  8. First of all i need to say that the title on this post is of one of my favorite songs of all the time. I adore the colllage you made, and i think you have a really good taste in music (Adele,Mumford & Sons <3) . Thanks for your lovely blog.
    I hope you can visit mine

  9. love that ikea advert! and the first picture♥

  10. love this post thanks for sharing x


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