Sunday, 7 November 2010

first picks II

My last post was basically picking my faves from the new online stock at topshop, however, due to the fact there is are 25 pages, i'm doing it in parts! Here's part two:

         (016)                               (017)                        (018)                        (019)                          (020)

016. I think these shoes are adorable, when flicking through the previous pages, i saw this style in many colours but
       the black ones are the only ones i've liked - £28 is quite an okay price too, but they best last a while!
017. Very stylish and floaty navy dress, and i love the classy embellishment, I bet it'd be a bastard for wrinkles
       though. This bad boy will set you back £85, bit pricey, but if you've got the money... i'll have one in a 12 please!
018. Sore subject for me, leather shorts, my boyfriend can't stand them and constantly (and leisurely) points out that
       i'll look like a gay german tourist man (partially because of these outfits). These, however, are very simple and
       un-gay-german-tourist-man-ish. SUCCESS. £38 though, hmmm...
019. I'm a sucker for photograph print tees, and this £20 number is no exception, so much love for this one.
020. I really don't know why i love these so much, they're so cute though, and i think the right person (probably not
       me) could pull off wearing this underwear as outerwear. The only problem is the hefty 30 squid price tag, jeez.

 (021)                         (022)                        (023)                        (024)                        (025)

There is an unintentional colour theme on this one! Really, i'm literally going through page by page and this happened, oh and there appears to be a deterioration in the garms as i'm bookmarking less and less per page!
021. I really like fur collars at the moment, they're everywhere and they look stunning, this £60 beauty being no
022. Urgh, i used to hate playsuits, they used to look so chavvy. But then again it's probably because the only
       designs i saw were really tacky neon patterned ones, worn on their own. As of late, i've just been lusting after
       them, they're so handy for layering; honestly, i'm like "this top could do with something going under it" or "i
       really feel like wearing an all in one with a flannel shirt because i can't physically be arsed", i'm currently looking
       to invest in a plain black one and maybe a burnt orange one. This one is adorable, i like the cut but i'd more than
       likely wear it on a night out because it's so simple yet glam, i would have to fork out 50 smackers though :/
023. Now, i'm definitely getting this one, it's £35 (a bit pricey) but the sheer versatility of it is fantabulous - at least six
       outfits i can think of with this, including just throwing it on on it's own with some tights and brogues - SIMPLES!
024. This coat is redundant for me because i bought it's twin the other day from dotty p's for only £35, on sale! This
       mac though, is £79, and has (in my opinion) some hideous embellishment on the shoulders. The mac is a
       classic, so i don't see why they designer has tried to hard 'improve' it when there's nothing wrong with it. I often
       find this problem a lot whenever i venture into primark, something catches my eye then when i go over to it, it's
       got 'babe' in diamontes splashed on the back. WHY?!?!?! Essentially, the designer has made this coat a lot less
       accessible, as if i had it, i'd only wear it as an evening coat.
025. First of all, this is getting bought, such a bargain at £15. I don't know why i'm so fond of this vest, i think it's
       because it's so simple, they've such minimal changes to a regular vest top with maximum results. It's so much
       more classy, chic and as i've previously expressed, i bloody love the colour dark blush.

            (026)                         (027)                        (028)                        (029)                        (30)

026. Now there's nothing overly special about this £10 necklace, but it's my favourite neck hugger of the new bunch,
       plus i'm really into angel wing jewellery at the moment!
027. This dress makes me think of The Devil Wears Prada for some reason, i have no idea why, but it's so cute; it's
       sexy without being slutty, it's classy without looking stuck up and considering its timelessness, it's quite
       reasonably priced at £56 (probably find a cheaper similar) and the bow on the back is stunning.
028. How fricking cute is this owl, his little spazzy feet and tiny hands, i love novelty pendants, however, £16.50? I
       don't love the damn owl that much, it's not even gold plated!
029. Very similar to 027, yet not as nice in my opinion, i think it needs a scoop or v neck as it looks a little old
       womany. I still love it though, it's only £35, and because it's so covering up top, i think i'd get away with going
       bare legged in the winter without looking like a street walker. HURRAH.
030. I like this ring but i also don't like it, i think it's so pretty with the gold birds and pink stone, yet i think it looks
       somewhat 'primarky'. I still think it's cute though but i can't guarantee that i'd wear it if i got it, it'd be the thing i
       took off just before i left the house, so at £14, it's just not worth the risk.

And so concludes topshop's new online additions, quite a few stunners and quite a few definite purchases. Although there were a lot of things i loved but would never splash out on (usually the case with topshop), there were also some bargains, my overall faves being:

Next i think i'll have a perv at the river island new line, for one reason, i fucking hate river island. My hate for river island though has been an ongoing protest from a few years back when walking in the store was like being raped by light ripped denim and i think too much emphasis is put on their bags, so i'm willing to go through and give river island another chance, we'll see if it's a rant or a rave.

P & L

P.s. I got quite a few new followers yesterday and i'm very grateful to them, for becoming voodlers, and for their wonderful comments <3


  1. Not a gay German tourist man, just a gay German man.

  2. hi voodle!

    I'm jealous of your dorothy perkins cocktail dress in does look like it would fit like a dream. so versatile.

    I know what you mean about river island bahaha. it's like a visual massacre of rhinestones and skimpy body con dresses. I'm half expecting Destiny's Child "Say My Name" to cue every time I walk in. BUT....I think they've done a really good job this season on some of their jumpers, shoes, and wooly scarves! and i like some of the guys jumpers too...great for wearing with leggings.

    who cares what your boyfriend says...get the leather shorts! they're awesome xx

  3. Fabulous picks and I am loving the rust colours and those awesome chunky heeled shoes great post xoxo

  4. 19 and 22 - hell's yes!

    Leather shorts - hell's no. They are an abomination.


  6. Ps. I love the spazzy owl too :D and thanks for your lovely commentsxx

  7. loving your picks here!

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  9. oh i need it all and i love the shorts xxx

  10. Great finds. Although he may be a bit pricey, I'm totally smitten for that owl pendant. Very sweet!

  11. lovely color combinations!

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    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  12. Some pretty pics there lovely! Especially like the rust coloured jacket with the faux fur collar.

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  13. Thanks for your comment hunnie, one of the most awkward nights of my life!!
    I think you should just get the leather shorts, they're fab! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  14. love love love everything!!!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  15. I agree with my girl Becca! The pieces here are great love!!!

    Make sure to stop by and follow my blog baby! following you now(:


  16. hello,
    thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)

    This is a lovely selection of items!



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