Wednesday, 20 October 2010

procrastination fascination

I am not dead, nor am i incapacitated, i've just been super busy. The fact i have a one thousand word annotated bibliography to write by the second of november can only mean one thing; procrastination. Hence why i've been eating all day, i suddenly have tons of ideas for blogs, my room is spotless and i have about seventeen clothes related tabs open on my laptop. The main one, of course, is urban outfitters. The stylists at UO's ideas for autumn/winter is so stunning i want to cry, and even though right now clothes are just totally unaffordable, i still spent the whole day drooling over them like a fabrical pest - i feel like i should be sat outside urban outfitters in a white van, with an slr, wearing Christian Dior aviators and a Vivian Westwood trench coat.

Then I clicked on new and went to women's clothing, and oh-my-gin-drinking-nan it was good, in my opinion, their best autumn/winter collection to date.

                (001)                                     (002)                                    (003)                                     (004)                                (005)
001. Stunning grey dress with lace fill-in on the front and back, sassy yet classy. This frock will set you back a mere        £48, which i think is quite reasonable.
002. I fell in love with this dress, possibly because i love vintage clothing, but also because it's so simple with the              button up, yet still gorgeous and bang on trend for autumn/winter. £50
003. I love velvet this season, it's such an interesting fabric, and if it's used as the material for the right dress, it can          look so expensive and high fashion. £40
004. As previously established, i love velvet, i also love navy blue for winter '10, so this bad boy ticks both boxes for          me, and it's only £40 - ACES.
005. Pretty much the same design as 001, only it has a much more interesting and bold predominant pattern that is          kind of a black and white 'wall paper-y' style- I BLOODY LOVE IT. £48.
              (006)                                     (007)                                   (008)                                   (009)                                (010)
006. At first I thought this was a jacket over a similarly patterned shirt, but no, even better, it's a waterfall collared
       shirt. Lately, i've been lusting after pussy bow, flannel and waterfall collared shirts, plus it's got the dark
       colours (so in for this winter) and a slight vintage look - perfect clothing specimen - £48.
007. Although with my hips i could never go near a garm made of thick material like this soft pleat corduroy skirt, i
       can still admire it. The colour is bang on trend this winter too. £45
008. Again with the deep reds, this O&O shirt satisfies my love for shirts, sheer and red. Only available online too, so
       put £35 in your paypal, and hop to it.
009. I'm bored of the fact, lately i've only been wearing plain tights, plain leggings or dark jeans. So although these
       leggings aren't exactly suitable for winter, they are so jazzy and i like the repetitive pattern; they're so simple yet
       risky, worn with the wrong thing they could easily look like a primark purchase, but worn with the right garms,
       it's clothing victory. I'm definitely putting aside £22 for these lovelies.
010. I love the simpleness of this cardigan, i love the way the monochrome pattern is not overwhelming and i love the
       way here it makes even a white t-shirt and jeans combo trendy and interesting. There is little more i can say
       about this cotton beauty, apart from that it's a steal, at £48.

There were some frightful outfits though, worthy only for halloween use... or "gay germans" as the boyfriend would refer to one particular ensemble.
            (011)                                      (012)                                   (013)                                    (014)                                 (015)
011. I argued my little leather short lusting heart out, trying to defend leather shorts, after male-chum said i'd look like
       a gay german wearing them. Then i saw these leather shorts - they are hideous, what is with the suspender
       straps? Then teamed with the canadian blazer and last years hat trend, and you have this monstrosity. You can
       tell even the model feels dirty wearing it, she's slightly hunched over so it looks like she's got a pot belly and her
       arms look stiff, worst picture ever in my opinion, she probably went home and scrubbed herself with a fucking
       brillo pad and never came back to work.
012. Sack the designer. Who on earth would pay £48 to look like someone who has just wrapped a tartan curtain
       around themselves? No-one, that's who. The dress is shapeless, the design is juvenile and the features are
       tacky - it's got primark written all over it.
013. Now this one, i think, is the worst of the bunch. It looks fresh out of a sex store, and not in a good way. I cannot
       think of one person, not even the mental ones, that would wear this - i've seen better hen night outfits come out
       of poundland, so why pay £38?
014. There were a few outfits similar to this on page 2, and for the life of me, i can't think why. The shorts look like
       the shorts that retards bought at jumble sales, customised and wore in year 7, worse yet, the whole outfit looks
       like a down market streetwalker - you'd have to suck off quite a few middle aged business men to afford those
       £50 failures though.
015. Maxi skirt - vom. Mid-thigh slit - vom. There's so much wrong with this skirt i feel like bending the designer over
       my knee and teaching them a lesson not to design such eyesores. "Leopard print panel at the front",
       "elasticated panel at the back", "£65" but the worst thing? i can never un-see this.

Apart from the very few vom-worthy items, i thoroughly enjoyed the new additions to the UO website, and i'll definitely be putting a few things from it on my shopping list.

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