Wednesday, 5 January 2011

you can't drink sausages

Hello my dears.

I hope your lovely faces had a swell christmas and new year, i know i did, i feel like i've eaten a child. Anyway, since i live away from merseyside when i'm at uni and i only got to go to back on boxing day, i was chocca-block trying to see everyone and seriously slacked on this here blog-amundo. For this i apologise.

Anyway, this will be my last apologetic post because from now on uni and blog are my priorities, i will only be going out out once a week and shalln't be troddling off to london anymore. Plus, new camera, new post genre; OUTFIT POSTS! Here are some photos i took over christmas with said 'new camera' YESSHH.
My first picture taken, it's a heart :D
 My golden lab, Mable; Christmas decky, messing about with the effects.
View from my window; Bowl of orange peel, messing with the effects again!
Models own christmas present :)
Mable again; Malteeeaaaasers
Soap & Glory pressie; Present from Jack
Starbucks related chrismabob present off of Jack

Although 2010 was a pretty sucky year, for obvious reasons, i do have the following things to thank it for;

Realising just how important life is, not to take it or people in it for granted and accepting the fact that sometimes good things have to fall apart, for better things to fall into place.

Voodle. It started off as a place to vent my greif and opinions, and is now one of the best things i've ever done, introducing me to some awesome people like Sarah, GemDottie and Purdey.

Changing a friendship of ten years into something more. Jack is now my boyfriend.

Now it's all over and 2011 has begun, there's only one thing i can do, look forward to the great events that this year will bring.

New York for the summer followed by Route 66 with Zoe.

Finishing my first year of forensic science and CSI and starting my second.

Plenty more good times with Jack.

Well this is my first scheduled post so hopefully it will post at around three pm tomorrow (today), before i'm back from a huge whopping job hunt! Tomorrows post will be of how i spent New Year in London with Jack, and all the goodies i bagged in the sales.

Also, i noticed i got a few new readers over the festive period, so:

Welcome to Voodle, good to have you here, have a biscuit.

P & L


  1. I'm hoping 2011 will be a better year than 2010 too. Hope the job hunt is going well and that you're not swimming in CV's and questionable job adverts.

    Pen x

  2. Just showed my dog the picture of your dog..nutter that i am,waving my mac in her face going 'look is a doggie like you!'. x

  3. Lovely pictures! I love the cup in the top picture. & here's to 2011, I'm hoping it'll be so much better than 2010!


  4. seems to be a lot of job hunting going around, im desperate for one! xx

  5. what a lovely presents, love the nailpolish and the foals cd ooho love it, and starbucks yum.


  6. Your camera is LOVELY! I love it :) Yes, more outfit posts please!

  7. Why can't I have a biscuit?? I know I'm not new but come on!!!! It's like when you go to a bank and they say oh no no no sorry that deal is only for new customers.... you know what Em facccckkkkk youuuuuuu *In a Scottish accent*

    I don't know why you are putting me to shame with your photo's but you know what I'm gonna let you off because you said I was are on about me right? I haven't actually checked, but I'm guessing so as I am a, what do you call me S E X F A C E?? Yeahhh anyway, I didn't know Jack was your friend before you came all romantic, how sweet, like me and what's his name again? Oh yeah Dale.

    Ok baiii now. xxxxxxxx

    P.s I love you.....(great film) Muhahahaha

  8. Yay you iz back! looks like you've had a lovely christmas! and I WANT that starbucks thing. Looks nice hahahaha xxx

    I think I may have to do some hunting to see if I can find it. Lucky girl :D

  10. Happy New Year lovely lady, jealous of your gingerbread syrup!

  11. Happy NY .. such a nice post and you and Jack awww xxx

  12. thank you for the biscuit! love the photos (and also your blog background!) x

  13. Awwwww it's been so lovely to meet you too, you make me actually LOL all the time which is so fab(your comment marathon on my blog the other day had me giggling like a crazy lady!).
    I love your photography especially the heart photo and how adorable is Mable?! I now want a whole bunch of Malteasers and please may I have a buiscuit too?
    Looking forward to some outfit posts, you have such fab taste.
    Missed you, so glad you're "back" ;) xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  14. Some lovely Christmas pics :) It looks like you got a really nice camera! Also, your dog is adorable!

    Happy New Year, hope 2011 is good for you.

  15. Amazing pictures with the new camera girlie :) Really look forward to seeing your new year and sales goodies posts! Hope 2011 brings you everything you could have wished for. I am rather glad to see the back of 2010. xx

  16. blog award for you Em...

  17. You're a sweet sausage Em! And don't stop troddling off to London, it's the place to be now that I'm here!

    Your new camera takes some loverly pics mah lady, I'm still getting to grips with mine, auto mode is my friend! X
    Burn the Blonde

  18. Are we meeting up in Brum!???? I go there tomorrow!

  19. <3 voodle is BACK <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy I started my blog and got to "meet" you, you're bloody lovely. Your photography on the new camera is ace. love love love the first shot. what kind of camera is it? I'm hoping to get one with my xmas money, if I can drag myself away from ASOS and urban outfitters.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, here's to good times and new york new yorkkkkk xxxxxx

    ps new header/button are sexy!

  20. I have a golden lab too :) yours is soo cute


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