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Spring/summer fashion is approaching like morning breath at 7am, on a sunday, after a rough one. With sale percentages going up to 70%, retailers desperate to clear space, it wont be long until we're ditching our wooly tights and donning our denim shorts. The problem i encounter each time one fashion season ends, and another begins, is where to start. I usually start by digging out last years summer garms to see what i can salvage, then i search down the sides of any couch i can find to tally up the pennies and mentally traipse around online stores, creating out of reach shopping baskets. It's hard to decide which style route you're going to go down when you're basically starting with an empty summer wardrobe, although it is refreshing the fact you can go down any route you want, like a clean slate. So i've done the traipsing on the UK's most popular clothing websites, found some must-have items that may help you decide whether you rape the florals or the pastels this summer, and documented them in four posty-wosts. Number one being Urban Outfitters'. Enjoy.

Urban Outfitters

best of the florals...
             001. £38                |             002. £10              |             003. £38               |               004. £42              |             005. £55   

In my opinion, with florals, you can't go wrong. There also very adaptable to all seasons, just by the simple changing of a few colours, and add instant femininity to any outfit. As long as it's a nice print, and a classy design, floral is ├╝ber versatile and i haven't met one person yet who doesn't suit it. I'll definitely be bringing my garden into my wardrobe this summer.

best of the brights...
             006. £55               |              007. £65              |             008. £38               |               009. £45              |             010. £55   
Brights definitely scream picnic in the park. I pretty much suit every colour, except yellow, so i'm quite lucky. I always have trouble wearing brights though, because i never know when to stop, and i don't like my outfits to look too matchy-matchy. I think i'll be sticking to soft colours this summer, alot like the first and second picture, but i do have a garm crush on 010.

colours of the sky...
             011. £143               |              012. £28              |             013. £30               |               014. £116              |             015. £30   
By colours of the sky, i mean blacks, whites, greys and pale pinks and purples. I would absolutely love to be able to fork out £143 for a silk top, especially the de-lish one shown in 011. I reckon this'll be my style for this summer, i love simplicity and i like layering, and these colours aren't too overpowering to layer. I'm definitely getting the swallow t-shirt, i'm actually in love with it, and i'm debating the cross one to because i'm obsessed with anything 'cross' lately.

             016. £10                |              017. £8               |             018. £22               |               019. £12              |             020. £16   
               021. £18             |              022. £16              |             023. £24               |               024. £16              |             025. £68  

Headbands are going to be a huge part of my dressings this summer, i've decided, even if no-one else wears them. I'm also going to start wearing more silver jewellery, i barely ever  stray from gold, but this summer i'm going to drape dirty silver all over me. How erotic. I usually opt for two pairs of sunglasses every summer, a girly shape, and an edgy shape. Last year i went for nude-pink wayfarers and gold aviators, this year i already have 022 in black, and i'm heading straight for the heart shaped frames as my girly pair - sorted. 

best of the feet huggers...
               026. £85             |              027. £115            |             028. £24               |               029. £115            |             030. £38  

I don't really put much emphasis on the shoes i wear, i often find if i don't think about what feet-chums i wear, it makes the outfit more edgy and less topshop-y. My one weekness, however, is gorgeous heels. So it was drool city on saturday in the oxford street store when i saw the suede cut out wedges, aren't they beautiful, and i'm feeling the cream cross-overs. In contrast to my first comment about shoes, if it's a nighttime outfit, i find it easier to pick the shoes i'm wearing first and build my outfit around them. Weird, huh?

So that's urban outfitters checked off the list, next, topshop.

Are you all good? I bloody hope so. I'm loving all the e-mails i'm getting about the blog names, keep 'em coming, you lovely beans.


P & L


  1. Ohhhh no! This is torture - I don't get paid for another two weeks and I'm already so skint, but everything you've picked here is crying out to me - especially the shoes! I bought the pink cardigan last week and it hasn't been off my back.

    Good shout lady :)


  2. I have the Triangle necklace and its lovely, they've just opened a massive UO in Brighton and all willpower leaves me when I go in there. I love the home stuff in there as well. I lurveeee the red coloured ruffle dress, uper duper cute! any designs on getting anything from UO? x

  3. Argh, too many nice things! Wish UO wasn't so darned expensive though.. saying that the floral headband is looking very attractive... I'll probably be mixing a bit of everything- I love florals, but also pastel shades and some brights. xx

  4. I LOVE the way you write, You always always make me laugh. this is a great post. you now your stuff bout fashion, I'm very inspired and want EVERYTHING you've featured, especially those shoes. I'm on a shoe fetish right now and want every pair i see. oh how i wish i had money :( looking forward to your topshop feature aswell!! xxxxx

  5. I really prefer fall/winter fashion- partially because I never let my legs or upper arms see the light of day and it really limits my choices. Its going to be 40 degrees this weekend and I will still be in jeans. I wish I could share your enthusiasm!

  6. 001 and 028 both look gorgeous! I love Urban Outfitters soo much but total ceebs to trek to Birmingham to go there! They should open one in Cov just for me :P


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