Saturday, 22 January 2011

headrush in the bush

Shirt - Urban Outfitters    |   Skirt - New Look   |   Necklaces 1 & 2 (present from jack) - Lazy Oaf   |   Headband - vintage - off my nan init.

Hola kimosabes, sorry about the long gap, here's a cookie. I'm here in london, and after a totally subtle hint from Amaris ("where are you?! you need to update us"), i thought i best update you lovely buggers. I have asked quite a few of you, over the last week or whatever, to enlighten me on how your glorious brains conjured up the names of your blogs, the content of which have become a rather huge part of our totally glam lives *drinks £3 wine*. The pictures above, were taken on Tuesday, but i was so frickin' tired after doing an all nighter, i konked out and didn't post it and the next day i went to Bristol. But anyway, it's what i wore to uni, and please (as i always say) excuse my massively benderish face.

I've been trying my darnedest this visit to our cap, to not spend moneys, but urban outfitters raked me in from my street roaming badly clothed way, into a paradise of sale items and pretty frills. So obviously 'till-time' was verging on the horizon. I only parted with £70, and i got about five things, plus a leopard print cross tee i've been drooling over for the past few weeks. Infact, i'm wearing it right now, smooth operator. Many pictures to come.

If you want to be featured in 'say my name sunday' (the blog name explanation jobby) e-mail me at with a paragraph about where your blog name came from, and what it means. I'll feature everyone i receive, as long as it's not like "oh hi, my name's tina, so i called my blog 'tina-blog", i don't want to waste space on this here interweb.

P & L


  1. Beauty! I loveee the shirt with the headscarf!


  2. Can I send you mine? Mine has my name in :( *cries* Glad to see you are alive!!!!!!!!!! I really need your mobile number to keep up with you away from blogging, are you well??? You look bloody fit!!! Helllllooooo sexface. Hit me up like a rug. Chow xxxx

  3. You look beautiful, love that headscarf, headscarf looks ridiculous on me! xxx

  4. Yes, I was worried that you fell off the face of this planet! You rock this headscarf - I would look like such an idiot wearing this! Are you in London for school?

  5. haha missing for a little bit and everyone panics. These pics of you are really cute. loving the headscarf, adorable pink shirt and cute necklaces
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  6. That shirt is beautiful. Such a lovely colour!

  7. Great purchases! I want that leopard print top so so bad. and I'm in love with your headscarf. My collection is coming along nicely but one like thos would be great! may have to keep my eye out for one. My blog name is SO boring, I'm so uncreative so i named it with my intials. LOLZ rosedl..Not exciting! I'm interested in finding out some peoples reasons behind their names of blogs! It'll be an interesting post xxxx

  8. Love that blouse and headscarf. Whenever I try to wear one I look like Nora Batty. FAIL.
    Penny x

  9. Go 'wan the Voodle! Stunnaaaaa!
    Phew, so glad I didn't call my blog 'Tina-Blog' :) You don't have a benderish face, you have a beautiful face! It pleases my eyes! You're in London, I'M IN LONDON!!!! Are you getting Ben's cookies without me? :(

    Burn the Blonde

  10. i love your shirt, the colour really suits you :) xo

  11. Love your hairstyle !

  12. very nice ;)

    take a look at my blog (: and maybe follow me on bloglovin or Facebook

    XOXO S.

  13. LOVE that headband! And the cross necklace is gorgeous!


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