Monday, 26 July 2010

Urban 'on it's way' Outfitters?

Ok, so yeah, the rain has pretty much left me nothing to do but exercise my qwerty digits which inevitably resulted in a venture onto the Urban Outfitters' website to explore the new women's clothing line and get my vintage fix;
I found myself a little disappointed as the usual quirky, trend setting designs had been somewhat replaced with simple, safe, 'seen it before' tees and cardis that I could probably find in most high-street shops with half the price tag. As of late, I have disallowed myself to go into the actual store in L1 'cause I find myself asking the question 'this or food?' far too much as well as finding myself wishing they provided trollies to save my shoppers arm and money trees for purchasing, but after getting to the last page out of a usually pleasant, yet purse crippling 3, 'shopping basket - empty' still lingered on my page. Nothing made me think 'I must have this in my life', in fact, I only once clicked on 'see in more detail' and even that was a disappointment after seeing the amateur, 'de-ja-vu', Primark-ish design of a Johann Earl Lace Frill Dress (left) closer.

Just when I thought it might be safe for me to become a regular at the UO's store once again, I looked at the jewellery and shoes. I think it's safe to say UO have not lost their touch in providing serial shoppers with their fix of quirky pendants, original design head huggers and heart melting shoes bordering on foot porn. Suddenly I was back to familiarity with my shopping basket and wish-list's accessory population multiplying faster than the spiderwebs in my purse. I found myself rooting under the couch for spare pounds and pennies to put towards saving for these Retro Super Future Havana Glasses (right)...

...and selling my Nan became an option for these lacy, cream pretties (left) which are also available in black.

At an account raping price of £140 for the glasses and more like an account heavy petting £80 for the shoes, they may remain a distant dream in my student lifestyle, but definitely my eye candy for at least the next few months.

"Urban 'on it's way' Outfitters?
Not just yet, in my eyes. The store ban will remain in place, there's only so many micro-noodles a girl can eat.

P & L

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