Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Ok, so my friend came back from London on Monday after a 5 day visit and bought me back some mouth candy in the form of a Maya the bee cupcake.

Today, after admiring it for two days, I ate it, wow. My heart melted faster than the icing in my cake hole when he, not only, remembered I love cupcakes, purposely popped into Candy Cakes during his hectic visit to our capital, forked out a steep £2.90 for this cake-y bad boy and lugged it all the way back to our minimalistic peninsular without sustaining any damage to the hand decorated beauty, but he remembered watching Maya the bee with me about 7 years ago, which instantly made the gift that more meaningful.

Due to this magnificent spongey gesture, I can definitely confirm my respect for him has risen by 17%. I LOVE YOU BRADLEY.

P & L

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