Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Aces for ASOS

I'm in love. I visited the dress section today on and I can safely say my family are in danger of being sold, as are my kidneys and/or any other unnecessary body parts. Although some of the frocks ASOS had to offer were definitely admire only, due to my body shape and lack of those round coins everyone seems to have except me, they still made the fabric feline inside me purr.

Twenty8Twelve by
s . miller Pratella Canas
I've never quite grasped the ability to wear underwear as outerwear because of the two rounded obstructions about six inches south of my chin, however, I think this dress would allow me to pull off the complicated trend without looking like I'm wearing it to earn the money to pay for it. Success? Not quite. This black beauty's company comes at a gasp-worthy £210, so for now, similar to how I'm dealing with my love for Johnny Knoxville, I'm on the look out for look-a-like.

Roger Sorger for ASOS
Venturing down the pound scale, is this embellished jersey dress, scoop-necking in at a splurging £145. The reason I love this sassy straight-up, straight-down, is the way the simpleness of the style, fabric and background contrasts with the thumb print sequin detail, allowing for both nighttime and daytime wear. For the daytime I'd more than likely throw on a simple boyfriend blazer, some thick wooly socks, boho boots and bedhead hair, then glam it up of an evening by letting the dress speak for itself with a tidy up-do, oversized clutch and ankle boots. I'm definitely crushing on this nude pink number but it's totally out of my price range. Damn.

Staple Silk Chiffon
shirt dress
I'm going to throw this out there, if you don't like it, send it right back; I want to be on this shirt dress. I wasn't a fan of the see through lace trend this winter gone (even though I donned it once in Newcastle), I just thought it was too easy to get it wrong and in my opinion, for the most part, people did. However, I have always supported sheer, from headbands to socks, I love it and this chiffon shirt is no exception. Available also in white, made from 100% silk and radiating pure 'wear with anything' elegance, it's only downfalls are it's food replacing price tag of £95 and the fact it can only be dry cleaned. Other than that, if that shirt was my boyfriend, I'd be giving it twenty-four hour smooches, buying it fancy dinners and hinting for a proposal; but that's just me.

ASOS Taffeta box pleat
The winner, I think, winning in both glam factor and value for money, is this mink coloured box pleat dress sitting casually at a humble £38. Although I'd rarely wear this bad boy out in the day time, it still more than makes up for that in evening possibilities. Throw on a simple peacock feather headband, a slouch clutch bag and some open toed ankle boots for an indie/glam look or sport a pair of chunky black strapped heels, oversized gold jewellery and a powder pink feather clutch and, because of it's low cut back, you've got full on trendy sex kitten. Finally, it's simple yet sophisticated design makes it so easy to customize, it's like a blank canvas available in 3 sensational colours; mink, purple and navy, Smashing.

ASOS wins at life.

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