Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Outfit success?

Berserker oversized sweater
(totally stolen from my friend Jack)
I only ventured to The Job Centre, The Post office and then Greggs for thee most delish mango chicken sandwich ever - glorified mouth heaven. Anyway, I digress, I don't want to fit in style-wise here in knob-vile so i donned some pretty sweet threads in the style of grunge to match my un-made-up facial area - a good mix as I did not want to look like an orange chav that had been kicked through Urban outfitters, neither am I fond of dressing up with no make-up and looking like I'm embarking on the infamous 'walk of shame'. This entry dedicated to the outcome.

Armed with my adopted long sleeved friend, I wore grey stonewash jeggins to cover my boot-ay and teamed this with some understated white plimp soles, a ring on a necklace, oversized brown long-strapped bag and aviators, all from Dorothy Perkins. Finished the look off with a vintage thin strapped black watch and scarf (tied around my head in a 50's style) both given to me by my great Nanny-Mac - Queen of vintage.
So concluded my 'productive' day, I got everything I needed done AND I ran into my friend who I've been meaning to call to get my Foals CD back - BONUS! 

P & L 

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