Friday, 30 July 2010

Outfit Success?

Today I was dragged out of bed to go sit with an amigo, who, for the time being lives around the corner from me. Due to my severe 'can't be arsed-itus' at 10 am, I threw on the nearest fabric construction I could find, resulting in the following;
Pink butterfly
 embroidered tee
Dorothy Perkins
Leather jacket
New Look

The above pictured items were thrown on hazily with previously donned grey jeggins, a chunky gold link bangle, tiny gold heart pendant necklace, brown and white slouch bag, white plimpsoles, genuine vintage black strap watch and, of course, a vintage scarf tied around my head - 50's style. So off I plodded into the morning moisture to see Jack and Nina (the pug dog he's been minding), I stayed for an hour then shot on down to the job centre and sorted my shizz out and journeyed back to Jack - yes, I just said shizz and yes, I just rhymed 'Jack' with 'back'.

After about 2 hours of some much needed abuse giving/receiving, sandwich and tutti fruiti eating, I was whisked off my feet by Miss Jenkins to go traipsing around the glamourous Bikenhead in the sky-wee. First stop - Primark, vom - I just don't know why that store exists, but Charlotte had fun. Next stop - Dorothy Perkins where I purchased a striped t-shirt (£8), a baggy picture t-shirt pictured left (£12) and a curved hem jersey cardigan (£22). All for no reason atall except I wanted them, best reason, right? Then onto New Look, which, as always was disappointment with a hint of chav and the occasional acceptable item. I did however part with my pounds for a striped cardigan - I have just gone mad for stripes this week.

So now I'm home, and although I've had um-teen showers today to the point where my fringe looked like it had been swimming in the gulf of Mexico - Cheers great British terrain, I'm going to max it up in a nice hot one and maybe steal some Lynx showergel off my dad so I smell like boys. Then off for drinky-poos with Miss Jenkins and some other rabble.

Signing off for the weekend.

P & L

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