Tuesday, 21 December 2010

out on your corner in the pouring rain

First of all i would like to give you all this qwerty hug - o|-< - to apologise for the extreme abandonment on my part, you're all the prettiest most coolest people ever, you all rule and i drool. How's that? Excellent, moving on for now, i'll explain all in my next post which will probably be tomorrow if i don't go to the wetherspoon's christmas quiz. How cool am i?

Raw Edge Boutique went online on the 31st October, offering the fashionable population one of a kind garms, unavailable on the high street. Yes there are beautiful - but few - fabrical porn pieces, yes they're reasonable priced, yes their blog offers tons of show-biz goss and their take on future fashion trends. The only bad side? I want it all but my purse isn't as big as my wardrobe needs! I keep getting e-mailed about and discovering beautifully stocked websites, then i take one look at my online banking statement, then one look at my shopping basket and find myself making this noise; "ohhhhwwww". Anyway, as my bank account can never hold this blogger back from doing some good old hearty windows explorer shopping (i actually use safari but windows ties in better), i browsed the website and shallowly picked out the prettiest subjects. I somewhat apologise for doing this again, i know a lot of you slap my wrist for introducing you to new websites, teasing you with new perv-worthy subjects which make you cancel your life insurance to afford a floral number. 

Here are my picks:-
001. £25     |     002. £18     |     003. £18     |     004. £25     |
005. £10     |     006. £32     |     007. £12     |     008. £18     |
009. £25     |     010. £18     |     011. £20     |     012. £41     |
I do love these garms, but none of them were in my size, sooo devastated but maybe you lot can snatch them up before someone else does.

Anyway, sorry i haven't shown you what i got from H&M when i went to london yet, but i couldn't find any of the stuff i bought on t'internet so i'll just wait until i get my camera for christmas and photograph my lame self in them instead. Deal?

P & L


  1. Oooh I absolutely need that horse print bag! Really pretty picks sweet (:

  2. Ohhh wonderful picks I am going to go there now and check them but like you I am pretty skint at the moment seeing as it is the time of giving and all that :)) but that does not stop me from looking xoxo

    ps cant wait to see your H&M haul :)

  3. Ooo I really like the first floral dress! Very pretty and I love the shape. And likewise, the horsey bag is tres sweet :)

  4. Oooooh Emma what are you doing to me!!! I love number 3 and my Nana has just put my Christmas money into my account so may have to go shop.....
    Missed you lovely, looking forward to seeing your H&M goodies x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. You tease!! I want the first floral dress, the knitted jumper and the horse bag! I got some dough for my birthday but it's all in paper money, think I need to go to then bank and make it into virtual money so it'll be of any use to me!

    P.S You rule! I won't have anyone tell you different!
    Burn the Blonde

  6. Oh dear, Wetherspoons Christmas Quizz sounds messy and way classy ;P I'm really rather liking your selection and the prices seem way reasonable! x

  7. The first floral print tunic is lovely, as is that bag... Gah thank god for the Christmas bonus or I would be bankrupt!

    Penny x

  8. I absolutely hate it when a store has so many cute items but none of them are in my size :/ Hopefully they'll be back in stock soon!

  9. windows explorer shopping, you are WAY TOO COOL. i lovvvveettt.
    i 100% need the lil denim dress and furry gilet combo. that seriously works for me.
    the cape is also aesthetically appealing and it seems like some serious origami shit went on making that, hell i can't even tell what direction that model is facing! ha!
    i went to h&m on ox street the other day. full on LOST my bf. it was quite traumatic as my phone signal decided to disappear all of the time i was trying to ring him.
    all was well in the end...
    he was in the changing room. FOR EVERRR.
    hope you had a nice trip though!

  10. Love that cute little horsey bag. Love the new blog header as well! x


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