Wednesday, 22 December 2010

thoughts arrive like butterflies

I said in my last post i'd plead my case as to why i've been on the side of the blogging milk carton for a whole week. Along with pretty much everyone, apart from the organised beings, i've been sliding inbetween shops so fast i've been pretty much a blur. I'm totally a last minute person, those of you who follow me on twitter will know this from times i've tweeted through the night because i had work in the next morning which i hadn't started - as i learnt in psyc class i'm a person who needs "the fear" to be motivated.

Anyhoo, while shopping for loved ones i couldn't help but snap up a few things for myself every now and again, it'd be rude to see a nice dress and not buy it, not allowing it to fulfill it's dressy destiny.

ASOS peter-pan collar ruffle dress

ASOS is a massive weakness of mine, combined with the fact they have tons of flash sales during the holidays which they e-mail me about, means it's beginning to look a lot like ASOS. "Emma, we're having a flash sale today from 12-2 - 50% off!" was received by moi at 1.30pm, i was like the speedy gonzales clicker of t'internet, i ended up bagging these peter-pan collared beauties for twenty-seven pound total. Thirty squidders each (now £18), plus fifty percent off, plus my NUS extra discount; I just had to get it in both colours.


No links because they're out of stock online but there are tons in store, so hurry, put that crumpet down and get there.

I spent all frickin' day in chester on friday, there was bargs everywhere, but my favourite was the BOGOF in republic in which i got my sister a bag and claimed the free bag for myself because i iz cleverz init. The floral tote was £29.99, and i got the red one for free worth £26.99, ultimate bargain!  Also while i was in chester i managed to pick up everything i need for my blog giveaway, i'll post it in the new year though, after everyone has calmed down slash recovered.


Please excuse the cheese factor, mother duck wanted to give a few family pictures in frames out for christmas this year, so monday consisted of a quicky shoot in her max speilman branch followed by attempting ice skating and riding the chester wheel - we didn't get to do either because they were both closed due to the "dropping temperatures" - so we went on the merry-go-round instead. Super fun. If you'd like one of these pictures for your purse or fireplace, which i know you all probably do, please e-mail me at

It may not seem like enough to occupy me for a week, but it was all spread out, and inbetween i was catching up and making plans with chums for over the christmas period. So now i'm super prepared for christmabob, i got jack's present(s), mother duck's present (which she's already worn) and everyone else who i'm buying for's present, plus i'm booked solid until the 29th. Setback though, i have thirty whole pounds to my name which is to get me out on boxing day and the day after, plus funding a NYE in london with the better half (i'm totally better though).

You may have noticed my new header, what do you think? Prefer the pick'n'mix letters? Can you totally tell i made the 'Voodle' myself?

P & L


  1. LOveeee the header! And the photooos!



    Mid-reading this post I hot-fingered it over to ASOS and put the navy dress in my virtual bag! £18!! But along with everything else in said bag I have a grand total of £74!! We can match!

    I love the new header, very professional you technological wizard! Also I love your family pics, my mum has threatened me and my bro with the same when he comes home! Joy!

    Mwah mwah mwah!
    Burn the Blonde

  3. great family-pictures! :) they look so .. real! :D

  4. I love the way you write :) it makes me smile.

    Your new dresses are fabulous and bargains too which makes them even better! Of course you had to get both colours.

    I'm also loving the new header and the family photos, all in all it looks/sounds like you've had a fab/busy week xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. love the family photos. (:
    xox Chantal

  6. baaahhaaahaa. i would totally love one of those pictures please, hit me up at justkidding@jokes.jk
    i think you guys look really nice!!! (seriously)
    my embarrassment of a mother dragged me to a photo 'session'. the result - pictures of me posing like a famous author (like you get in the inside leaf of a book).
    also, i'm totally ignoring anything to do with ASOS that you have written about. i will (try to) not be influenced.

  7. YEAHHHHHHHH you are back!!! Holla!!! I love your new header, when are you going to NY? Because, because we are going and we can meet you and me and you can got to Bloomingdales and pretend we are better than everyone, hmmmm. Max S cheese ftw, although I would of taken them for you :P I have been ill and mia too, love your milk carton phrase, epic haha. Love you longtime, nice dresses doll, me would like xxxx

  8. ASOS has the same effect on me too! I don't know whether to put a :) or a :( after that comment really... ASOS makes me happy... but my purse very sad... x x

  9. Haha you do make me laugh! The pics look good, I commend you for braving the awkwardness! As soon as someone brings a camera out I go all stiff like cardboard!

    Just came on tinternet an hour ago to find the ASOS sale has gone live. So now it's quarter past 1 in the morning and I'm still trawling ASOS. £400 overdrawn, so count yourself lucky you have £30! I may have a problem!

  10. lovely photos! I so want the dressss.

  11. I like the new header. I finally made it to England, after spending a night in the middle east. Do you have insane amounts of snow? I am constantly excited about it!!


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