Thursday, 3 February 2011

out of dreams

People who have followed voodle since, well, saturday will know that this month has been kind of tough. My sister faye, who died last march, would've been 21 on the 29th jan. I was feeling a bit lost and lonely and in need of a good emoti-spill, so i blogged about how i felt about the whole thingy-ma-bob, and as usual it was like a huge weight had been lifted. I received an unbelievable amount of support it actually brought me to tears, from not only blogger friends, but people who i'd never spoken to before. For this, i am eternally grateful, and i think i've read through the comments on that post a million times and they never fail to make me smile. It's selfless, genuinely compassionate and thoughtful people like those who commented, that give me hope for the human race yet. That said, i want to say thank you to the following rays of sunshine, for actually getting me through the aforementioned doomsday...

Purdey Singleton , Sophie , Rose , Ren , Jack Alison , Gem Bee Rosa , 

I mean it's just overwhelming, seriously, these are the people you need in your life. I also received a bunch of tweets too, all equally gorgeous comments, i honestly was just blown away. Faye's story, is that of a shocking one, i love that more people now know about her and how amazing she was. Saturday night was actually very cheery, my friends from bristol and newcastle came to chester, and there was some good ol' zante-esque behaviour which pasted my usual grin back onto my face. Before i went out though, i set off a chinese lantern with a whole bunch of people who had travelled from as far as london, to be with us. Here are some photos i took...

Thanks again everyone you're literally the most awesome people ever, although i got a few texts here and there from friends and jazz which i did appreciate, it was nothing compared to the awesome response i got from you all. So thanks, you lovely buggers.

P & L


  1. Anytime at all you lovely bugger ;), like I said I'm always here if you need me (and I'm up and awake at strange hours like you often seem to be to ;)
    I loves my Voodle xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  2. it's because we love you, dear. you don't have to really know someone to love them and support them. and as cliche and odd as it sounds i think it is 100% true. i love you, stay strong hon. always here if you need me, too. <3

  3. I cant believe I missed your last post! Just caught up on that... and this. And Im sitting here with tears in my eyes. Really so touching, the power of people and how the internet connects us all into this sometimes strange but awesomely wonderful blogging world. I wish that the people who I've met on here lived around the corner from me. No wonder you were so touched by what everyone has said, I am sending you the biggest hug right now and I dont even care if that's wierd because you dont know me. I'm still giving you the most genuine hug from one person to another :) as genuine as it can be, via the interwebz haha! Lots of love for you girlie xx

  4. Anytime. Honestly, I've got so much time for some of the amazing girls I've met through blogging. I think we are so lucky for the little community we have. I love the idea of the chinese lantern. Such a sweet sentiment! Hope you're okay sweetie xo

  5. This made me cry a little bit. You are so brave, I can't imagine how hard this must be for you.
    Thank you so much for reading my blog so I had an opportunity to find yours.
    I will be reading from now on.
    Take care.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Just... Lots and lots of love xx

  7. That's just such a beautiful idea, the lantern. Keep strong gorgeous, you're an absolute pleasure to have as a blogging friend x

  8. Aww thank you. I'm glad we could have supported you, it's amazing what the kind words from people you've never even met can do.:)

    There is something very moving about sending those lanterns into space. Really lovely way of remembering your sister xxx

  9. Awwww you don't have to thank me. Honestly it was more than ok. The Chinese lantern idea was beautiful and the message you wrote was so touching. It was beautifully written.
    Hope your ok. :)

  10. I hope you are alright, I just want to let you know if you ever need a rant/shoulder to cry on you can always tweet me.
    Those lanterns are such a good idea, a really lovely way of honouring someone you love.


  11. I would give you cake to your face, but this is the internet and it just isn't realistic! So here is a comment to your blog instead. The lantern is such a lovely idea, and the writing on it makes it 1000x more special. And don't thank me, maaaaan! I'm glad you're okay and you had a great night. Love to Faye!

    Rosa :) xx

  12. Aw you don't have to say thank you! It's standard to offer support to someone you genuinely like :)

    I love sky lanterns... we let some off on Christmas day for my Gramps who had passed away a couple of weeks before. I wanted to write a message on mine, like you did, but I forgot to take a pen out with me! I think it's gonna be something we do every year now.

    And I love all the things you wrote about fairies. My Grandpa always used to say people were "playing with the fairies"... he talked about them a lot lol, so now I just think of him floating around and playing tricks with the fairies.

    I'm sorry that your sister isn't around anymore - the big man upstairs always takes the best ones :(

  13. hey i've been reading your blog alot and that last post gave me goosebumps on my arm. what a strong women you are to be doing what your doing and sharing these things!! i've a lot of respect for you!!! you have a little angel now who will be with you forever!!! keep smiling and doing what your doing!! xxx

  14. Blogging friends are amazing right? I don't think I'd have got through the last year without them.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend sweetpea x

  15. Ah, the message on the lantern bought a tear to my eye, it's such a lovely thing to do for your sister. and you don't need to say thankyou but it was sweet nonetheless. hope your okay xx

  16. Just read the aforementioned post. Can't believe I missed it. The comments from all those bloggers were lovely. I'm glad you got through a tough night though and you had lots of support from friends. It must be riculously hard to lose a sister. I don't know who I'd annoy if I didn't have mine :p

    Lots of Pookie love xxxxx

  17. Ben's Cookies, Oxford Street, Dr. Pepper. I'm spoiling you rotten this week woman, you deserve it xx

  18. Aw :) I'm just glad we were able to go some way towards putting a smile on your face. Those lanterns are incredibly beautiful & moving. x

  19. the little message on the lantern brought a tear to my eye, I'm glad my comment helped in some way! i know it must be hard what your going through but your one of the nicest people i have ever spoken too!! keep smiling xxx

  20. this is so amazing.
    you are such a beautiful person.
    stay strong.<3

  21. HOW AMAZING. I've always wanted to do that!

  22. I love these images to bits, especially the lanterns which is a very sweet idea :)
    D'aww, you seem a lovely little lady and deserve each and every bit of love from all us bloggers.
    I sometimes wish that we could all meet up one day and have a good old chat/craft/everything that we all ever talk about on here, I think that would be awesome!

  23. Why have I missed all these posts, I'm so amazingly sad, I've been busy....I don't know how, so if it's not on my dash I don't read, and they haven't been on my dash. I love you, I miss your face, and this blogpost made me happy sad. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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