Friday, 23 November 2012


Until I can actually pull my arse out of work long enough to buy some decent batteries for my DSLR, i'm opting to jump on the 'generic instagram post' bandwagon. So here are my last 10 instagram photos. Admittedly they are not typical of a self proclaimed fashion blogger, nonetheless, they caught my eye long enough for me to want to share them with my fantastic 123 followers, and now with all of you on here. It is a slow rehabilitation back into the blogging world, it's hard to be inspired, but i guess i have to accept the fact i live in a less than inspirational place and, rather than wait for myself to happen upon awe inspiring insight, hunt that bad boy down. So bare with me peeps (i'msostreet). 

A neon skull bracelet, bought for me by a friend of mine                                     Foals gig i recently bagged tickets for
A Johnny Cash record i found in a charity shop for 50p                                        Some JC look-a-likes i picked up for £15
Some doodles during a long lecture                                                                    A pizza i made in Prezzo rugby during a work 'thing'
Mac highlighter i recently purchased                                                                  Real JC's bought for me by my bf (xmas present)
My wardrobe which is way too full                                                                      Deftones gig i'm going to, 2013 is a good year for gigs!

And there you have it. If you wish to view my feeble attempts at photography regularly, feel free to follow my instagram. Until next time, little scamps..

Peace and jazz

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